3 Unusual Ways to Use Neural Networks in Your Daily Life 

If you think that neural networks are too complicated and you only need them for work, it’s not true. Let’s find out how to use them if you are not an expert, and where they can come in handy.

What Neural Networks Are and Why They Are Needed

Neural network is a program that tries to work like a human brain. Like all of us, it can collect information, analyze it, give answers to questions, and make decisions. And just like that, it has to learn how to do it first.

This is how people around the world are using neural networks:

  • To generate texts and music: they can create speech based on a given text or music based on a given genre.
  • To analyze any sports event for successful betting
  • To keep a budget.
  • To create avatars and posts on social media.
  • To learn foreign languages and sciences.

The list can go on endlessly because neural networks have already covered almost all spheres of activity. But the most important thing to know is that it is not difficult to use them, and you can make them your right hand in everyday life. Now we will tell you how.

Cooking With AI

Sometimes you want to cook something delicious, but every time something goes wrong. For example, to cook pasta, you need to go through a lot of websites with recipes. When you want a dish even more difficult, you have to pick up grams and try to change the recipe to suit the foods you have.

And when you need to plan a meal, you don’t want to think at all and only sausage and pasta and coffee sandwiches come to mind.

Neural network can write a list of recipes from the products in your fridge and will instantly answer all the questions that can not be asked on the site recipes from the Internet.

You just have to give it all the important details when writing the query. Here are some tips that you can rely on. But everything is individual, so you don’t have to follow our plan clearly.

  • Favorite cuisine: “Write 10 recipes for Italian cuisine,” “Suggest a French recipe to cook a turkey,” “Make a list of 10 recipes for German desserts with honey.”
  • Context of the activity: “Write a recipe for a quick snack,” “Tell me what you can make for a date night dinner.”
  • Preparation time: “Suggest an appetizer that can be prepared in five minutes,” “Make a list of three meals that would take no more than an hour to prepare.”
  • Equipment: “How to cook pilaf in a regular pot,” “Write a recipe for potatoes cooked in the oven,” “What dessert can be made in the microwave.”
  • Products you have at home: “What to make with two tomatoes, cheese and cilantro,” “How to make pasta bolognese if you don’t have tomato paste at home,” “I have three potatoes, an egg and mayonnaise. What can I make with this? Write five recipes.”

Here’s what a sample request might look like: Suggest 5 recipes for Mexican drinks that will include passion fruit and pineapple for a birthday party and that it be inexpensive.

Writing Fairytales 

Tales that you compose especially for your child are better than those in books. And AI makes it easy and fast to compose.

To generate an interesting and instructive fairytale, you can focus on such tips:

  •  Specify the title, for example: The Little Traveler.
  •  Describe the main characters: my son Johnny, who loves to travel.
  •  Write the secondary characters: a talking cat and a dancing hat.
  •  Say what the story should teach: to respect friends.
  •  Describe the style needed: with a Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings flavor.
  •  List the highlights of the last few days so that the child can immerse himself even more in the story: Vanya’s birthday and a trip to the countryside with his parents.
  •  Specify the time it should take to read the story: 15 minutes.

Here’s what a sample prompt might look like: Write a fairy tale about my son Vanya, who loves to travel and on one of his trips meets a talking cat and a dancing hat. The fairy tale should describe Vanya’s birthday and a trip to the countryside with his parents. The moral of the tale is to respect and appreciate friends and family. Writing style is as in “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings,”, and the genre is fantasy. Reading time is about 15 minutes.

Managing Personal Finances

It’s important to know that you should not blindly follow the financial recommendations of the neural network. It can give you ideas and advice, but you alone are responsible for your decisions and actions.

AI can help you create and manage your savings correctly. It can give you financial advice and offer specific recommendations. For example, it can explain what a financial cushion is and how soon you will accumulate it.

If you need specific advice, give the neural network a context. Tell it about yourself and your situation. What kind of data it needs about you depends on your goal. For example, if you want to get a family budget plan for the month, you need to specify your income and expenses, and also formulate your financial goals.

Here’s how a sample request might look: My family wants to manage finances wisely. Write a monthly budget plan for us that takes into account income, expenses, and mandatory spending. Here’s what is important to know about us: we live in a small city, our income is 80,000 dollars a year, we spend… 

What Else to Know About Neural Networks

Artificial intelligence isn’t a perfect advisor. Neural networks can make mistakes, including in calculations. It’s better to double-check than to regret it later.

Neural network’s knowledge is limited to 2021. Therefore, it will not fix changes in legislation, and inflation and current exchange rates wont be taken into account in budgeting.

Try again if you fail. Neural networks may not understand you from the first time. They need to be constantly taught. So if they don’t give you what you need, try writing your request in more detail.

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