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Andrew Weissmann Wife

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Andrew Weissmann is a notable American legal counselor who has served in different limits with the Division of Equity and the Government Department of Examination.

He rose to noticeable quality as a lead examiner in the Extraordinary Direction examination concerning Russian impedance in the 2016 official political race, which Robert Mueller managed.

Be that as it may, what might be said about his own life? Who is his significant other, and what is her calling? What number of children do they have, and where do they reside? This article will respond to these inquiries and show more Andrew Weissmann’s better half and family.

Is Andrew Weissmann Married? 

Indeed, Andrew Weissmann is hitched to Debra Weissmann. Nonetheless, Debra stays a secret to the overall population.

Beside being distinguished as Andrew Weissmann’s better half, little data about her is accessible in the media.

Debra intentionally stays away from the spotlight, liking to keep her own life hidden. Her hesitance to share individual subtleties shows her devotion to protection and want to carry on with a daily existence liberated from the steady investigation of the media and the public eye.

Andrew Weissmann’s Wedding Date

Andrew Weissmann and his significant other Debra’s wedding plans are obscure because of their solid inclination for protection in their own lives.

Accordingly, the length of their marriage stays obscure. Regardless, obviously Andrew has been hitched for a long time and has a child, Ben Weissmann. Notwithstanding being a well known individual, little is had some significant awareness of Ben’s age or current exercises.

The Weissmann family lives in New York City, carrying on with a cheerful existence away from the spotlight. 

Andrew purposefully tries not to examine his family in media interviews, keeping an unmistakable line between his expert and individual lives. While fans might be interested about their romantic tale, Andrew keeps their relationship hidden.

Notwithstanding, he has favored investing quality energy with his loved ones. Notwithstanding their mystery, Andrew’s obligation to his friends and family is clear, underscoring his significance on his day to day life and expert undertakings.


Andrew Weissmann is a Teacher of Training. He shows courses in public safety and criminal technique.

Andrew filled in as a lead examiner in Robert S. Mueller’s Exceptional Guidance’s Office (2017-19) and as Head of the Misrepresentation Area in the Division of Equity (2015-2019).

From 2011 to 2013, Weissmann filled in as the General Guidance for the Government Agency of Examination. He recently filled in as extraordinary guidance to then-Chief Mueller in 2005, after which he was an accomplice at Jenner and Block.

From 2002-2005, he filled in as the Appointee and afterward the Overseer of the Enron Team in Washington, D.C., where he administered the arraignment of in excess of 30 people regarding the organization’s breakdown.

Weissmann was a government examiner for quite some time in the Eastern Locale of New York, where he filled in as the Head of the Criminal Division.

He arraigned various individuals from the Colombo, Gambino, and Genovese families, including the supervisors of the Colombo and Genovese families.

Andrew is the co-host of the well known digital recording Indicting Donald Trump and is an incessant legitimate investigator for NBC/MSNBC.

He serves on the leading group of Just Security and composes every now and again for it, The New York Times, The Atlantic, and The Washington Post.

His diary about the Exceptional Insight examination, Where Regulation Closures: Inside the Mueller Examination , was a New York Times success.

He has shown criminal regulation and technique at Fordham Graduate school and Brooklyn Graduate school. He holds a Juris Specialist degree from Columbia Graduate school.

He has a Four year education in liberal arts degree from Princeton College and went to the College of Geneva on a Fulbright Partnership.

Andrew Weissmann Wife Profession

Deborah Weissman has been a devoted teacher at Carolina Regulation College beginning around 1998, where she shares her insight into different lawful fields.

She has a strong instructive foundation, procuring a Four year certification in liberal arts from Syracuse College and a Juris Specialist from a similar establishment in 1975.

She has essentially added to legitimate writing, distributing articles and expositions in esteemed diaries, for example, the Boston School Regulation Audit, Columbia Basic freedoms Diary, and William and Mary Regulation Survey.

Her works mirror her top to bottom information and academic bits of knowledge into complex legitimate issues, solidifying her situation as a regarded lawful power.

Andrew Weissmann was brought into the world to Gerald and Ann Weissmann on Walk 17, 1958, and experienced childhood in Woods Opening and New York, USA.

His childhood essentially affected his effective vocation, and he every now and again credits his folks for aiding shape his achievements. Andrew Weissmann turned 66 of every 2024 and pondered his excursion with his more youthful sister, Lisa Weissmann, with whom he has a cozy relationship.

Andrew Weissmann started his lawful vocation in 1991 as a Right hand US Lawyer, zeroing in on arraigning high-profile mafia cases.

His commitment and legitimate ability were broadly recognized. In 2002, President George W. Shrubbery named him to lead the Enron Team, a turning point in his expert vocation featuring his skill in managing complex legitimate issues.

Andrew Weissmann proceeded to act as the FBI’s Delegate Chief and General Advice, directing basic lawful issues.

In 2015, he turned into the top of the Criminal Extortion Division at the US Branch of Equity, reinforcing his part in fighting monetary wrongdoings.

Andrew Weissmann’s cooperation in Robert Mueller’s exceptional direction group that examined Russian impedance in the 2016 US decisions exhibited his legitimate ability.

All through his vocation, Weissmann’s commitments have been basic in saving equity and fighting misrepresentation at the most elevated levels of government.

Andrew Weissmann Net Worth 2024

In 2024, Andrew Weissmann’s total assets surpassed $50 million, essentially amassed through his broad vocation as a government lawyer.

His yearly pay midpoints around $200,000, with income from his past job as a legislative general lawyer adding up to $190,000 yearly.

Weissmann’s monetary achievement mirrors his devotion and skill in the legitimate field, setting his situation as an unmistakable figure in regulation and public help.

Is Andrew Weissmann Gay?

Andrew Weissmann is joyfully hitched to Debra Weissmann, which disperses any bits of gossip about his sexual direction.

Their association has brought about the cheerful appearance of a child into their loved ones. There is no proof to recommend that Andrew is gay, as his devotion to his significant other and family is apparent.

Their caring relationship and the presence of their child show Andrew’s commitment to his marriage promises and familial obligations.

Do They Have Children?

It is with extraordinary joy that I report the introduction of their child, Ben Weissmann.

All in all, Andrew Weissmann’s work as a legal counselor is an account of progress and trustworthiness.

His day to day existence with his better half Deborah and child Ben is likewise vital to him.

Their achievements in regulation and schooling show that they care about decency and family standards.


  1. Andrew Weissmann is married to Debra Weissmann, but Debra prefers to keep her personal life private and out of the spotlight.
  2. They have a son named Ben Weissmann, but details about his age or current activities are not publicly known.
  3. The Weissmann family resides in New York City and enjoys a private life away from media attention.


Andrew Weissmann, a prominent American lawyer known for his work in the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is married to Debra Weissmann. However, Debra chooses to maintain her privacy, and little information about her is available publicly. They have a son named Ben Weissmann, and the family lives happily in New York City. Andrew values his family’s privacy and keeps his personal and professional lives separate.


Who is Andrew Weissmann’s wife?

Andrew Weissmann’s wife is Debra Weissmann. However, Debra prefers to stay out of the spotlight, and little information about her is publicly available.

How many children do Andrew and Debra Weissmann have?

Andrew and Debra Weissmann have one son named Ben Weissmann.

Where do Andrew and Debra Weissmann live?

The Weissmann family lives in New York City, where they enjoy a private life away from media attention.

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