Who Is Baxter Neal Helson: Know All About Tish Cyrus Ex-Husband 

Many people have forgotten about Baxter Neal Helson, who was once married to the well-known actress Tish Cyrus. Their marriage ended after a few years, and much has changed since then.

Tish has remarried and had children with her second husband. In contrast, Baxter has chosen to stay out of the spotlight, keeping his personal and professional life private. Despite his low profile, Helson is thought to have diligently refined his drumming skills, dedicating himself to his craft.

Baxter Neal Helson Wiki

Full NameBaxter Neal Helson
Date of Birth21 January 1966
Age (as of 2022)56 years old
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthAshland, Kentucky, United States
Current ResidencePhoenix, Arizona, United States
Height in feet5’8”
Height in cm172 cm
Weight in pounds138 lbs
Weight in kg63 kg
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourDark Brown
Relationship StatusDivorced
Ex-SpouseTish Cyrus
ChildrenBrandi, Trace Cyrus
Net Worth$1.2 million

Baxter Neal Helson  Biography 

Tish Cyrus’ ex-husband, Baxter Neal Helson, is a citizen of the United States. He was born in 1966 in Ashland, Kentucky, making him an American by birth. Helson is of white ethnicity.

Unlike his ex-wife, Baxter prefers to stay out of the spotlight. He has kept details about his family background, including information about his parents and siblings, private. This makes it difficult to determine his origins and family dynamics.

Regarding his education, Baxter completed his basic schooling in the United States, though the specific institutions he attended and his graduation dates are not publicly known.

While the exact timeline of when Baxter Neal Helson became a professional drummer is unclear, it is known that he started his career at a young age. He is well-regarded for his contributions to the music world through his performances with his band. However, detailed information about his life and career, especially after losing custody of his children, remains scarce.

Baxter Neal Helson Height

Baxter Neal Helson has a medium build, standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall. While this gives a general idea of his height, specific details about his other body measurements have not been made public. He maintains a comfortable weight, which complements his height, contributing to his overall balanced physique. Despite the lack of detailed information about his body statistics, it’s clear that Helson has kept himself in good shape.

Baxter Neal Helson Career 

Baxter Neal Helson Career 

Baxter Neal Helson comes from a musical family, which fostered his passion for music from a young age. As a teenager, he showcased his musical talent at local gigs, quickly earning a reputation for his drumming skills. Over the years, he played as the lead drummer for several popular bands. Despite his success, Baxter remains a private individual, making it unclear if he is still active in the music industry. Some sources suggest that he continues to play the drums for local bands in the United States, but detailed information about his current involvement remains scarce.

Baxter Neal Helson Personal Life

Baxter Neal Helson Personal Life

Baxter Neal Helson was Tish Cyrus’ first husband. They met at a local town party when Tish was just 19. After dating for a while, they married in 1986 and had two children together before divorcing in 1989.

Following their divorce, Tish Cyrus entered new relationships and had more children, including Miley and Noah Cyrus. Miley, born to Tish and her second husband, Billy Ray Cyrus, a renowned country musician, is now 29 years old (as of 2022) and has become a famous actress, singer, and songwriter. Tish and Billy also have a younger daughter, Noah Cyrus, born on January 8, 2000.

Baxter Neal Helson, meanwhile, relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where he continued his career as a musician. He has since stepped away from social media and enjoys a private life.

Who Are Tish And Neal Helson’s Kids? 

The former couple, Baxter Neal Helson and Tish Cyrus, have two children together: their eldest daughter, Brandi Cyrus, and their son, Trace Cyrus. Brandi, born on May 26, 1987, has made a name for herself as a singer and actress. Trace, on the other hand, is a member of the popular pop band Metro Station, where he serves as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He is known for hit songs like “Let’s Run Away” and “Don’t Belong Together.”

Following their divorce, Tish and Baxter engaged in a legal battle over the custody of Brandi and Trace. After multiple court hearings, Tish was awarded custody of the children, while Baxter was granted visitation rights and the ability to communicate with them by phone. Despite these arrangements, Baxter faced difficulties in accessing his children, who were eventually adopted by Tish’s new husband, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Where Is Tish Cyrus’s Ex-Husband Now?

After his marriage to Tish Cyrus ended, Baxter Neal Helson returned to Kentucky, where he has lived ever since. Little is known about his life post-divorce, and details about his career remain scarce. In his effort to lead a normal life, Baxter has avoided social media, making it unclear whether he ever remarried or had any other significant relationships.

Meanwhile, Tish Cyrus focused on her acting and production career while raising her family. She has worked on various projects, including serving as the executive producer for “The Last Song,” a film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel. The movie, directed by Julie Anne Robinson in her directorial debut, stars Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth and follows the story of a troubled teenager who reconnects with her estranged father and finds love.

Baxter Neal Helson Social Media Presence

Baxter Neal Helson, the ex-husband of Tish Cyrus, has kept a very low profile, making it difficult for people to keep up with him or get a glimpse of his life outside the music scene. He has no social media accounts and has avoided public attention, maintaining his privacy. This secrecy means that there is little information available about his personal life, interests, or activities since his divorce from Tish. By choosing to stay out of the spotlight, Baxter has successfully kept the details of his everyday life a mystery, focusing instead on living quietly away from the public eye.

Baxter Neal Helson Net Worth

Baxter Neal Helson’s life is shrouded in mystery, akin to that of a highly skilled detective. Despite his notable career as a drummer, he keeps a tight lid on his personal affairs, leaving little to no trace online. While there’s scant information about his net worth and sources of income, it’s presumed that his extensive touring and drumming talents likely brought in a substantial income.

What adds to the intrigue is his virtually nonexistent presence on social media, further obscuring any insights into his life. According to some sources, Baxter Neal Helson’s net worth is estimated to be around $0.5 million, but details about his assets such as his house and cars remain elusive.


Q. Who is Baxter Neal Helson?

Baxter Neal Helson is Tish Cyrus’ former husband, known for his career as a drummer and his preference for a private life.

Q. How many children does Baxter Neal Helson have?

Baxter Neal Helson has two children with Tish Cyrus: Brandi Cyrus and Trace Cyrus.

Q. What is Baxter Neal Helson’s net worth?

Baxter Neal Helson’s net worth is estimated to be around $0.5 million, although specific details about his assets are hard to come by.

Q. Where is Baxter Neal Helson now?

Baxter Neal Helson currently resides in Kentucky, where he keeps a low profile and avoids public attention.

Q. What is known about Baxter Neal Helson’s career?

Baxter Neal Helson grew up in a musical environment and began his career as a drummer at a young age, playing for various bands.


In summary, Baxter Neal Helson’s life is wrapped in mystery and a desire for privacy. As Tish Cyrus’ former husband, he’s opted for a quieter existence, steering clear of the limelight. Despite his significant drumming career and contributions to music, he remains enigmatic, leaving us with little insight into his personal and professional life. While he shares two children with Tish and is believed to have a net worth of $0.5 million, details about his current lifestyle, relationships, and assets are sparse. Baxter Neal Helson’s journey reminds us of the intrigue surrounding those who choose to live away from public scrutiny.

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