The Tragic Case of Sherry Leighty: A Story of Betrayal and Murder

Why Did Sherry Leighty Pass Away? 

Sherry Jean Leighty was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania, in September 1976. The 23-year-old enjoyed country music and animals. She moved on from Altoona Region Secondary School in Altoona in 1995. At the hour of Sherry’s vanishing, she had three kids matured 7, 3, and 1 with Aaron Leighty. Be that as it may, they were settling their separation, and she was all the while living with her parents in law. Aaron had full authority of their youngsters. Sherry was most recently seen alive towards the finish of September 1999. 

No one realized what has been going on with her after that. She was not viewed as a missing individual until numerous years after the fact. In May 2013, the specialists looked through an enormous property in Heroes Imprint Municipality, Pennsylvania. Subsequent to digging a few openings along a stone wall, skeletal remaining parts were found that were subsequently distinguished as Sherry’s through DNA testing. The specialists accepted that the executioner moved the breaking down stays from somewhere else to their last spot. There was proof of gruff power injury to the skull.

The murderer of Sherry Leighty? 

At first, Sherry’s dad, Sheldon Dumm, let the specialists know that she could have gone to Maine to accompany a sweetheart. Aaron additionally accepted that story however at that point thought again when she didn’t contact their youngsters. Kenneth Leighty — Aaron’s dad and Sherry’s father by marriage — was the last to see her alive. At that point, he let the police know that he had dropped Sherry off working prior to going to work himself on October 1, 1999. While Sherry’s dad and sister continued to push for her vanishing to be examined, the case was not taken a gander at until August 2012, when a virus case criminal investigator chose to give it another go. 

The police then, at that point, realized what Kenneth expressed before was clearly false. On October 1, he didn’t have work regardless of let the specialists know that he did. Thus, they dug further, and numerous different leads pointed toward Kenneth. In April 2013, the police addressed Kenneth with respect to the case, however he attacked the officials all things being equal, bringing about his capture. 

Then, in a recorded call with Aaron, he owned up to killing Sherry, saying, “I did it … It was a mishap.” Kenneth let the police know that he got into a contention with Sherry that then turned destructive. He clubbed her with a dull item and afterward put her in his vehicle. Sherry kicked the bucket while inside the vehicle. Kenneth headed to the property he claimed in Champions Imprint Municipality and covered her. While the police scanned the property for five days, they couldn’t track down the remaining parts. Then, they offered Kenneth a supplication bargain on May 10, 2013, to assist them with finding Sherry. He acknowledged and drove them to the skeletal remaining parts. Notwithstanding, Kenneth never expressed what was going on with the contention or precisely when she was killed. 

The specialists accepted that Sherry passed on at some point between September 22 and October 1, 1999. Besides, Kenneth had additionally perused up either about how to discard human remaining parts or police methods while searching for covered remains.

Kenneth Leighty: Where is he now? 

In December 2013, Kenneth, then 66-years of age, conceded to third-degree murder as a component of a supplication bargain. He had previously entered a guilty plea to aggravated assault on police officers, which carried a sentence of 3 to 23 months in prison. For an exhaustive cross-examination murder, Kenneth got 7 to 14 years. Because there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him without the body, the prosecution had to make a plea deal. According to jail records, Kenneth remains detained at the State Remedial Establishment – Frackville in Pennsylvania.

The significance of this petition 

On December 13, 2013, Kenneth Wayne Leighty, confess to third-degree murder in the 1999 killing of my 22-year-old sister, Sherry Jean Leighty. He was her father by marriage at the hour of her homicide. He concealed her body on his Fighters Imprint property for very nearly 14 years. A similar property he would take her three kids to each year for setting up camp and hunting, from the start realizing he killed their mom and covered her on that equivalent land. Misleading her youngsters such a long time letting them know that their mother had avoided them for a beau and moved with regards to state. 

He simply got a seven to long term jail sentence for her homicide because of a supplication bargain made with examiners for him showing them where to find her remaining parts. Help by clarifying that we as a general public and local area don’t feel that seven years in jail is installment enough for the clubbing passing of a wonderful mother of three small kids. Request that he stays in jail for his whole sentence. Please indicate why you believe this is an injustice to you, your community, and the justice system by signing this petition.

In a 1999 case that remained unsolved, Kenneth Leighty confesses to killing his daughter-in-law, Sherry Leighty. 

PITTSBURGH (AP) — State police reported on Monday that a central Pennsylvania man confessed to the murder of his daughter-in-law, who was last seen in 1999, and that he led police to her remains on his property over the weekend. In connection with Sherry Leighty’s death, 65-year-old Altoona resident Kenneth Leighty was arraigned and placed in jail without bond. Court orders gave last month for his property in Huntingdon Province show police thought he had covered her there. The grievance accusing Leighty of criminal manslaughter said Leighty admitted on Friday and assisted specialists with finding the lady’s remaining parts on Saturday ashore he claims in Champions Imprint Municipality, around 100 miles east of Pittsburgh. Lawyers for Leighty didn’t quickly bring gets back to. 

He has been imprisoned since Altoona police attempted to examine him last month concerning Sherry Leighty’s vanishing, yet police expressed he rather battled with officials and was captured. Huntingdon Region Lead prosecutor George Zanic declined to examine the protest until a news gathering later Monday. Nearby NEWS Kenneth Leighty Admits To Killing Little girl In-Regulation, Sherry Leighty, In Beforehand Perplexing 1999 Case philadelphia May 13, 2013/11:07 AM EDT/CBS Philadelphia PITTSBURGH (AP) — A focal Pennsylvania man admitted to killing his little girl in-regulation, who was most recently seen in 1999, and drove police to her remaining parts on his property over the course of the end of the week, state police said Monday. In connection with Sherry Leighty’s death, 65-year-old Altoona resident Kenneth Leighty was arraigned and placed in jail without bond. Court orders gave last month for his property in Huntingdon District show police thought he had covered her there. The protest accusing Leighty of criminal murder said Leighty admitted on Friday and assisted specialists with finding the lady’s remaining parts on Saturday ashore he possesses in Fighters Imprint Municipality, around 100 miles east of Pittsburgh. Lawyers for Leighty didn’t quickly bring gets back to. 

He has been imprisoned since Altoona police attempted to interrogate him last month regarding Sherry Leighty’s vanishing, however police expressed he rather battled with officials and was captured. Huntingdon Province Head prosecutor George Zanic declined to examine the grumbling until a news gathering later Monday. However, the examiner has affirmed recently that some human remaining parts and dress were found on or close to the 150-section of land plot Kenneth Leighty claims in Heroes Imprint Municipality. State police and different specialists had started looking through the land April 20, a day after Leighty was imprisoned. The criminal grievance doesn’t determine how or why Leighty supposedly killed his girl in-regulation, whose spouse — the respondent’s child, Aaron — told specialists he from the get go accepted she could have run off to Maine with another man. Aaron Leighty said he started to uncertainty that when Sherry Leighty, whose separation from him was settled days after she was most recently seen, didn’t contact their kids in resulting weeks, long stretches of time. 

Specialists have said in court orders that Kenneth Leighty was the last individual to see his girl in-regulation alive when he drove her to work in October 1999. Sherry Leighty’s family said she was 23 when she was most recently seen and that her dad got full authority of several’s three youngsters, then, at that point, ages 7, 3 and 1, presently. Kenneth Leighty had told police he took Sherry Leighty to work the day of her vanishing, then went to work himself. However, police have since discovered that he was absent from work at the time. According to Zanic, Altoona police cold-case investigators discovered new information about the case earlier this year. A search warrant for Aaron Leighty’s home and computers states that Leighty has cooperated with the police and talked to his father twice last month in recorded phone calls. In one of the calls, Kenneth Leighty supposedly offered implicating comments, including, 

“I did it … It was a mishap,” as per a court order. He proceeded to let his child know that the body would probably be found along a wall line on his property in Fighters Imprint Municipality, around 25 miles upper east of Altoona. Police accept he has explored “court orders, removal of human remaining parts and additionally police strategies and methods connected with looking for covered human remaining parts,” the warrant showed. According to the warrant, the now-adult son of Sherry and Aaron Leighty told the police that he remembered his parents fighting a lot and that he had heard that his mother’s remains were buried under an unoccupied outhouse on Kenneth Leighty’s property. State police utilized dead body canines to scan Kenneth Leighty’s property for the remaining parts. Copyright: The Associated Press, 2013. Reserved in all respects. This material may not be distributed, broadcast, modified or reallocated.)

Man admits to killing 99 people. 

HUNTINGDON – An Altoona man will spend somewhere in the range of 7 and 14 years in state jail for the homicide of Sherry Jean Leighty, a sentence that comes as limited consolidation for her family, police and examiners. “I don’t think anybody in this room is content with this sentence,” Huntingdon Province Lead prosecutor George Zanic said after Kenneth Wayne Leighty, 66, of Altoona acknowledged a supplication bargain Thursday. Zanic made sense of that Leighty, who currently stands sentenced for third-degree murder in the killing of his previous girl in-regulation, Sherry Leighty, in the fall of 1999, could not have possibly served a solitary day in prison without the supplication bargain, one that state police, Altoona police and Zanic’s office concocted the previous spring to find Sherry Leighty’s body. 

“I’m not content with the sentence, yet I settled on the choice since we could never have had the option to track down her without it,” Zanic expressed, encompassed by agents from the Altoona police and Huntingdon state police, as well as Sherry Leighty’s loved ones. While Kenneth Leighty, showing up under the watchful eye of Judge Stewart L. Kurtz in an orange prison jumpsuit and shackles, entered his request Thursday, his condemning is scheduled for Feb. 27 with investigators prescribing the 7-to long term sentence. Altoona police Investigator Cpl. Thursday, Matthew Starr reported that Kenneth Leighty told investigators that Sherry Leighty was killed during a heated argument at his 19th Avenue residence. “Mr. Leighty struck Sherry Leighty in the head with a strong item, whether a bat or a shaft of some kind or another,” Starr said, adding Kenneth Leighty never let specialists know what prompted the contention. Starr said that Kenneth Leighty then put the young lady into his vehicle. 

While her father-in-law drove to his remote Huntingdon County hunting property, Sherry Leighty passed away in the truck. Before Kenneth Leighty was captured April 19, police had thought a vigorously lush, 155-section of land property in Champions Imprint Municipality, Huntingdon District, was where Kenneth Leighty had covered Sherry Leighty, however it was only after a call confirmation by Kenneth Leighty on April 19 during a discussion with his child and Sherry Leighty’s previous spouse, Aaron Leighty, that they were sure he had carried out the wrongdoing. Indeed, even with the affirmation, one where Kenneth Leighty guaranteed the killing was a mishap, there wasn’t sufficient proof to record charges, Zanic said. Even after five days of searching with twenty cadaver dogs, Zanic said he was surprised by the size of the property. Zanic said without Sherry Leighty’s body, there simply wasn’t sufficient proof to arraign Kenneth Leighty, so police and examiners offered him the arrangement on May 10. Leighty, haggling through his lawyer Thomas Hooper, concurred, the motivator Zanic said was the chance the then 65-year-old might one day at some point get let out of jail. 

After a visit to the property with Leighty that very day don’t turned up anything, police returned the following day and tracked down the young lady’s skeletal remaining parts, “simple feet” from one of the areas specialists initially uncovered during the primary hunt in late April, Zanic noted. Sherry Leighty vanished in late September of 1999 yet it was only after Aug. 2012 that the Altoona police thought of it as a missing individual’s case since at the hour of her vanishing her dad, the late Sheldon Dumm, told police it was reputed she had run off to Maine with a sweetheart. Sherry Leighty, then, at that point, 23 years of age and the mother of three youngsters, was amidst a separation however living with her parents in law on nineteenth Road. In 1999, Kenneth Leighty told the police that he picked her up near Labor Ready in Duncans. ville the morning of Oct. 1, 1999, preceding going to his position at Veeder-Root Co., a reality that Starr learned in the fall of 2012 wasn’t accurate. The state police joined the investigation after the investigation led to Huntingdon County. By April 19, officers were at Kenneth Leighty’s residence to detain him for further questioning. 

Starr developed additional leads in the case that pointed to Kenneth Leighty. Kenneth Leighty attacked officials, telling them, “I’m staying put,” and at last confessed to exasperated attack for which he got a 23-month prison sentence. In any case, Kenneth Leighty would not talk, agents said. While Leighty showed police where he covered his little girl in-regulation, much remaining parts obscure about what occurred or in any event, when Sherry Leighty was killed. State police investigator Cpl. said, “The best we can determine is it was sometime between Sept. 22 and Oct. 1.” Daniel Sneath, a 20-year veteran with broad murder insight. “There’s some inconsistency regarding when things occurred.

” Zanic said the case, including the result, was disappointing. While he accepts Kenneth Leighty’s case it was a mishap, what happened will probably stay inferred, he added. “There are two individuals who understand what happened that day,” Zanic said. One of them was in jail, had a lawyer, and refused to speak with us. The other was dead. Without this understanding, this could never have occurred. We lacked the circumstantial evidence necessary to proceed. The time between the homicide and the arraignment absolutely didn’t help, Zanic said, yet nobody associated with the case presently can scrutinize how the case was taken care of when Sherry Leighty previously vanished, he said. Even though the outcome is a little unsatisfactory, Zanic praised the efforts of the numerous individuals who contributed to bringing the killer of Sherry Leighty to justice and called their work “next to miraculous.”

The killer of Sherry Leighty is sentenced to 7–14 years in jail.

Conceded executioner Kenneth Leighty probably won’t have depended on talking at his condemning Thursday in Huntingdon Region Court, yet he had no real option except to hear how his wrongdoing has treated the group of the young lady whose body he concealed in an opening for over 13 years. Shelly Nagle and Richard Dumm, siblings of Sherry Leighty, whose body was found in Champions Imprint Municipality in May after examiners offered Leighty an arrangement, told Senior Appointed authority Stewart Kurtz how their sister affected them, how her vanishing treated them and how not realizing what had befallen her such a long time impacted them. 

From the start Kenneth Leighty realized reality yet had taken care of their late dad, Sheldon Dumm, a falsehood that Sherry had run off to Maine with a beau. After the consultation, Nagle said that when she went to confront Leighty, he looked at her without flinching as she let him know how he could have pulled off murder with the exception of the reality she wouldn’t quit squeezing police to look further into her sister’s vanishing. She let him know how he had obliterated lives, including those of Sherry’s three youngsters – his own grandkids – and that he ought not be ready to walk free in seven to 14 years since he had 14 years of opportunity while their sister lie covered in a plain grave on Leighty’s family hunting property. Nagle stated, “He brutally beat Sherry to death and left her naked body to rot in a hole.” It was a property where over the almost 14 years in the wake of killing their mom, Leighty would take his grandkids, noted Dave Smith, Huntingdon Region head prosecutor, who took office last month. “Clearly, this has been a thrill ride for them,” Smith said after the condemning. While the arrangement with Leighty was finished by Smith’s ancestor, George Zanic, presently the district’s appointed authority, Smith said he upheld it the situation being what it is. In any case, he additionally related to the family. Smith noticed that when Leighty, who was credited with time served since he was accused May 13 of her homicide, faces a parole hearing, his office and the family will be there to ensure he serves out the full 14 years. 

Leighty was too overwhelmed with feeling to talk, so his lawyer Thomas Hooper read a concise proclamation Leighty had arranged. “He communicated his lament that conditions spiraled crazy, lament for not approaching sooner and lament for the aggravation he caused the Leighty family,” Hooper said after the brief condemning. Nobody was surprised by Leighty’s 7- to 14-year state prison sentence. It was essential for a request bargain spread out Dec. 19 when Leighty showed up before Kurtz to argue to third-degree murder for Sherry Leighty’s demise. With the range of time between Sherry Leighty’s passing the reality police actually had no body when Kenneth Leighty was arrested on April 19 in the wake of attacking a state officer who needed to keep him for additional scrutinizing for the situation, examiners had not much of a choice other than to offer Leighty an arrangement so he would show searchers where he covered her body on the 155-section of land Champions Imprint region property, police and investigators have said. The choice isn’t one that agrees with Sherry Leighty’s family, yet they said they comprehend the reason why it was essential. It’s been a long excursion for Sherry Leighty’s loved ones. For a very long time, Nagle battled to have the case examined, yet Altoona police didn’t look too carefully at the vanishing of the 23-year-old mother of three who was amidst a separation from Leighty’s child, Aaron. 

That changed in August 2012 when Altoona police Analyst Sgt. The cold case was given to Matthew Starr. Throughout the following couple of months, Starr’s examination found openings in Leighty’s case he keep going saw Sherry Leighty on Oct. 1, 1999, after he dropped her off a block from a Duncansville hiring organization, and meetings with relatives highlighted the Leighty’s hunting property as a potential cemetery. Whenever the case crossed into Huntingdon Region, the state police were gotten, and the case hit a defining moment on April 19 at Leighty’s Altoona home when he attempted to barrel past police hoping to take him in for additional scrutinizing. Starr said while the sentence is lighter than anybody needed, the arrangement guaranteed Sherry Leighty was found and a capture was made. Starr gave the officials of Huntingdon County and the state police, particularly the veteran detective Cpl., praise for their efforts. Daniel Sneath, in dealing with Leighty, as did Smith. 

“I thought the Pennsylvania State Police made a striking showing and were extremely instrumental in tracking down Sherry,” Smith said. At last, it was Nagle who merits the most recognition, he said, for her constant and unyielding conviction that something here isn’t right” about Sherry Leighty’s vanishing. In any case, Nagle can’t resist the urge to ponder how it might have been different had police explored back in 1999, rather than taking gossip, one that started with Leighty, as truth. While not sufficient opportunity, the family trusts it’s enough that Leighty will not at any point step foot outside a jail. Nagle stated, “Hopefully, it is a life sentence, and he doesn’t know it yet.” Reflect Staff Author Greg Bock is at 946-7458.

Man Imprisoned for Murdering His In-Law Daughter 

In the slaying of his daughter-in-law a decade and a half ago, a man from central Pennsylvania was given a sentence ranging from seven to fourteen years in prison. 66 year-old Kenneth Leighty of Altoona conceded in December in Huntington Province to third-degree murder in the 1999 killing of 23-year-old Sherry Leighty. Her body was found in Fighters Imprint Municipality in May after examiners offered the litigant a supplication deal. 

The (Altoona) Mirror reports that protection lawyer Thomas Hooper read a proclamation from Leighty at Thursday’s brief condemning hearing communicating lament for the aggravation he caused to family members. The casualty’s siblings told Senior Adjudicator Stewart Kurtz how their sister affected them and how not realizing what had befallen her for such a long time had impacted them. Aaron Leighty, the defendant’s son, told investigators that he initially thought Sherry Leighty might have gone to Maine with another man, but he started to doubt that after she didn’t contact their children for weeks, months, or years. Authorities said their separation had been concluded days before she vanished.

Facts :

  1. Kenneth Leighty confessed to killing his daughter-in-law, Sherry Leighty, in 1999.
  2. Sherry Leighty was last seen in September 1999 and was reported missing years later.
  3. Kenneth Leighty led police to Sherry’s remains on his property in Pennsylvania in May 2013.
  4. He confessed to hitting Sherry with a blunt object during an argument, causing her death.
  5. Kenneth Leighty pleaded guilty to third-degree murder in December 2013.
  6. He received a sentence of 7 to 14 years in prison as part of a plea deal.
  7. There was evidence of blunt force trauma to Sherry’s skull.

Summary :

Kenneth Leighty confessed to killing his daughter-in-law, Sherry Leighty, in 1999. Sherry was last seen in September 1999, but her disappearance was not reported until years later. In May 2013, Kenneth led police to Sherry’s remains on his property in Pennsylvania. He admitted to hitting her with a blunt object during an argument, causing her death. Kenneth pleaded guilty to third-degree murder in December 2013 and received a sentence of 7 to 14 years in prison as part of a plea deal.


Is Kenneth Leighty still alive?

Yes, Kenneth Leighty is still alive. He is currently serving his sentence in state prison.

When was Kenneth Leighty sentenced for the murder of Sherry Leighty?

Kenneth Leighty was sentenced in December 2013 for the murder of Sherry Leighty.

What was the motive behind Sherry Leighty’s murder?

The exact motive behind Sherry Leighty’s murder is not clear. Kenneth Leighty admitted to killing her during an argument, but the specific reason for the argument is unknown.

How did Kenneth Leighty lead police to Sherry Leighty’s remains?

Kenneth Leighty led police to Sherry Leighty’s remains on his property in Pennsylvania after confessing to her murder.

Were there any other suspects in Sherry Leighty’s murder?

At the time of Kenneth Leighty’s confession, he was the primary suspect in Sherry Leighty’s murder. No other suspects were identified.

How long had Sherry Leighty been missing before her remains were found?

Sherry Leighty had been missing for approximately 14 years before her remains were found on Kenneth Leighty’s property.

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