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Jaya Kelly is a 23-year-old American vocalist who acquired prevalence for being the little girl of R.Kelly, a renowned American R&B artist. In 2014, Jaya freely reported that she is a transsexual male. In this article, we will enlighten you about everything regarding Jaya Kelly, from her own life to her orientation reassignment. Remain tuned to uncover reality behind her excursion and encounters.

The Story of Jaya Kelly: R. Kelly’s Transgender Child

Jaya Lee Kelly, brought into the world in 2000 in the US, is the offspring of American choreographer Andrea Kelly and artist R. Kelly. Jaya’s folks have African American roots and are US nationals.

Since the beginning, Jaya distinguished as male , notwithstanding being doled out as female upon entering the world. In 2014, he dared to emerge as a transsexual male.

Jaya’s mom, Andrea, remained by him with steadfast help, doing all that she could to assist him with exploring this new part in his life. Unfortunately, his dad held an alternate position and was not tolerating Jaya’s personality.

Growing up, Jaya confronted the test of harassment from his friends because of his decision to dress in young men’s clothing.

Notwithstanding, he drove forward and kept on embracing his actual self. Jaya’s process drove him to finish his progress, and he presently lives truly as a transsexual male.

Jaya Kelly: Siblings

Jaya Kelly, brought into the world in the US, has two kin.

His sister, JoAnn Kelly, was brought into the world in 1998 and is a vocalist realized by the stage name Buku Stomach muscle.

Jaya likewise has a more youthful sibling named Robert Kelly Jr., brought into the world in 2002, who is a b-ball player.

During secondary school, Jaya went to a nearby school where he found his affection for music.

He began rehearsing and leveling up his melodic abilities.

Rather than seeking after advanced education, Jaya settled on the choice to commit himself to his enthusiasm for music completely.

Jaya Kelly’s Father: R. Kelly’s Musical Career and Legal Troubles

Jaya Kelly’s dad, Robert Sylvester Kelly, is a notable R&B vocalist, musician, and record maker. He acquired massive progress in the music business, selling more than 75 million records around the world. R.

Kelly is viewed as the most monetarily fruitful male craftsman in R&B and is perceived as one of the world’s top-selling artists.

Notwithstanding, R. Kelly’s popularity was eclipsed by serious lawful issues.

He has been sentenced for racketeering and sex offenses, confronting various charges of sexual maltreatment.

These charges prompted various criminal preliminaries and common claims against him.

In 2022, R. Kelly was condemned to 30 years in prison subsequent to being viewed as at fault for eight counts of sex dealing and one include of racketeering in a New York court.

Notwithstanding the New York preliminary, R. Kelly likewise confronted a second government preliminary in Chicago, where he was sentenced for kid sexual maltreatment.

Presently, he is carrying out his punishment as a detainee at Butner Government Jail situated in North Carolina

Jaya Kelly Biography

Brought into the world in 2000 by R & B sensation R. Kelly and accomplished artist Andrea Lee, Jaya Kelly was pushed into the spotlight from early on.

At first recognized as Jay, she grew up close to her kin, Joann and Robert Jr., in a family loaded up with creative ability and the tensions of popularity.

Jaya Kelly’s initial years were set apart by open interest because of her dad’s fame yet additionally by her unseen conflict with her orientation.

Jaya Kelly as Transgender

At 14 years old, Jaya made a valiant and public change, embracing her male personality and taking on the name Jaah.

This critical second in Jaah Kelly’s life was an individual achievement as well as a strong proclamation on transsexual issues inside the VIP world.

Jane’s progress shed light on the encounters of transsexual kids all over the place, offering motivation and desire to those confronting comparative difficulties.

Jaya Kelly Net Worth

Regardless of the contentions encompassing her dad, Jaya Kelly has cut her own way.

With an expected total assets running, Jaya, presently known as Jaah Kelly, has wandered into music, displaying her ability and laying out a personality separate from her dad’s inheritance.

Her accomplishments feature the versatility and freedom of R. Kelly’s youngsters, exhibiting their capacity to explore individual and expert lives in the midst of familial difficulties.

Early Life and Family Background

Naturally introduced to the spotlight, Jaya Kelly is the little girl of the popular R&B artist R. Kelly and unscripted television star, artist, and choreographer Andrea Kelly.

Experiencing childhood in a family saturated with human expression, her initial life was everything except common, set apart by the ups and downs of her folks’ public personas and individual battles.

The elements of her family, particularly the contentions encompassing her dad, have essentially formed her initial encounters and the public’s advantage in her excursion.

In spite of the difficulties, Jaya’s childhood was loaded up with minutes that alluded to her future way of self-articulation and imagination.

From early on, she displayed a strong fascination with different types of workmanship and self-articulation, exhibiting an ability sustained in her family’s rich creative climate.

In any case, her process was not without its battles, as she explored the intricacies of experiencing childhood in the public eye and the excursion of grasping her personality.

The Journey of Identity

Jaya Kelly’s story isn’t only one of VIP genealogy yet in addition individual boldness and the mission for credibility; in our current reality where people of note frequently face examination over their own decisions, Jaya’s excursion of character investigation and her choice to emerge as transsexual has been met with both help and difficulties.

Her change and the choice to openly embrace her actual self have been crucial minutes in her day to day existence, moving numerous who face comparable battles.

Her transparency about her progress and the difficulties she has looked en route have ignited significant discussions about orientation, character, acknowledgment, and the privileges of transsexual people.

Jaya’s story is a demonstration of the force of living one’s reality, even despite difficulty, and has made her an image of strength and strengthening for the LGBTQ+ people group.

Personal Life and Public Image

Exploring the intricacies of an individual excursion in the public eye, Jaya Kelly’s life is a difficult exercise between her confidential encounters and her public persona.

Her story offers experiences into the difficulties people from renowned families face, particularly those going through private changes that draw in open consideration.

Notwithstanding these difficulties, she has figured out how to keep a degree of protection and nobility, deciding to share parts of her life based on her conditions.

Her public picture is described by her promotion for LGBTQ+ freedoms and her receptiveness about her own encounters as a transsexual lady.

This part of her character has characterized a lot of her public persona, making her a figure of interest for her support work and her own account of boldness and realness.

Legacy and Impact

Jaya Kelly’s heritage is as yet being composed, however her effect is as of now apparent in her motivated discussions about character, acknowledgment, and the significance of living one’s reality.

As a youngster exploring the intricacies of character in the public eye, her story resounds with numerous who find in her an impression of their battles and expectations.

Her boldness in sharing her excursion, combined with her endeavors to advocate for the privileges and acknowledgment of transsexual people, highlights the huge job well known individuals can play in propelling social change.

Through her story, Jaya Kelly helps us to remember the force of realness and the significance of embracing one’s personality, no matter what the difficulties that might come.


  1. Birth Name: Jaya Lee Kelly
  2. Birth Year: 2000
  3. Parents: R. Kelly (Robert Sylvester Kelly) and Andrea Kelly
  4. Gender Identity: Transgender male, now known as Jaah Kelly
  5. Coming Out: Publicly came out as transgender in 2014
  6. Siblings: JoAnn Kelly (singer, known as Buku Abi) and Robert Kelly Jr. (basketball player)
  7. Career: Pursuing a career in music
  8. Father’s Legal Issues: R. Kelly is serving a 30-year prison sentence for sex trafficking and racketeering
  9. Support System: Strong support from his mother, Andrea Kelly
  10. Public Advocacy: Advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and openly discusses his journey as a transgender individual


Jaya Kelly, born in 2000 to R&B star R. Kelly and choreographer Andrea Kelly, has been in the public eye from a young age. In 2014, Jaya made a courageous announcement, coming out as a transgender male and changing his name to Jaah Kelly. Despite facing challenges, including bullying and a lack of acceptance from his father, Jaah received unwavering support from his mother. He grew up with two siblings, JoAnn Kelly, a singer, and Robert Kelly Jr., a basketball player. Jaah has pursued a career in music, carving out his own path separate from his father’s controversial legacy. His journey of self-discovery and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community has made him a symbol of resilience and authenticity.


Who is Jaya Kelly?

Jaya Kelly, now known as Jaah Kelly, is the transgender son of R&B singer R. Kelly and choreographer Andrea Kelly.

When was Jaya Kelly born?

Jaya Kelly was born in 2000.

What is Jaya Kelly’s gender identity?

Jaya Kelly publicly came out as a transgender male in 2014 and now goes by the name Jaah Kelly.

Who are Jaya Kelly’s parents?

Jaya Kelly’s parents are R. Kelly, a famous R&B artist, and Andrea Kelly, a choreographer.

Does Jaya Kelly have any siblings?

Yes, Jaya Kelly has two siblings: JoAnn Kelly, a singer known as Buku Abi, and Robert Kelly Jr., a basketball player.

What challenges has Jaya Kelly faced?

Jaya Kelly faced bullying and a lack of acceptance from his father after coming out as transgender, but he has received strong support from his mother.

What career path is Jaya Kelly pursuing?

Jaya Kelly is pursuing a career in music, following his passion and honing his skills from a young age.

How has Jaya Kelly’s father, R. Kelly, influenced his life?

While R. Kelly’s legal issues have cast a shadow over the family, Jaya Kelly has focused on his own journey and career, establishing a distinct identity.

What is Jaya Kelly’s role in the LGBTQ+ community?

Jaya Kelly is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, sharing his personal experiences and supporting the community through his public presence.

Where is Jaya Kelly’s father now?

R. Kelly is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence for sex trafficking and racketeering, with additional convictions for child sexual abuse.

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