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What is Josh Brolin’s net worth?

Josh Brolin is an American entertainer who has a total assets of $45 million. Josh Brolin previously earned respect for his part in the 1985 film “The Goonies” and later showed up in different TV programs and motion pictures all through the 1990s and mid 2000s, including “Wandering dangerously close to serious trouble” (1996) and “No Country for Elderly people Men” (2007).

Brolin’s depiction of President George W. Bramble in the 2008 biopic “W.” acquired him basic praise and exhibited his capacity to handle complex characters. He further showed his reach by featuring in the Oscar-winning dramatization “Milk” (2008) and the Coen Siblings’ western “Genuine Coarseness” (2010).

As of late, Brolin has become known for his parts in comic book films, for example, Thanos in the Wonder Realistic Universe, showing up in “Gatekeepers of the World” (2014), “Justice fighters: Vastness War” (2018), and “Vindicators: Final plan” (2019).

He additionally depicted Link in “Deadpool 2” (2018). Other eminent movies in Brolin’s profession incorporate “Sicario” (2015), “Hail, Caesar!” (2016), and “Hill” (2021).

Early Life

Josh Brolin was brought into the world on February 12, 1968, to entertainer James Brolin and his most memorable spouse, Jane Cameron, an untamed life dissident, in St Nick Monica, California. James Brolin has been hitched to Barbra Streisand starting around 1998.

Josh was brought on a farm up in Templeton, California. It’s said that he had little openness to his dad’s profession until he was a lot more seasoned.

Brolin’s folks got separated when he was 16. In secondary school, he started taking comedy classes prior to beginning to take on little on-camera jobs.

He was an individual from the riding bunch the “Cito Rodents” and has owned up to taking vehicles during this time.

Brolin has conceded to generally disliking substance misuse, including heroin, and that large numbers of his young companions have since died from their addictions.


Brolin’s most memorable prominent job was as Brandon Walsh in the 1985 faction exemplary film “The Goonies.” He was a sprinter up for the job of Tom Hanson in the series “21 Leap Road” however the job went to Johnny Depp all things being equal.

Brolin got some distance from film representing quite a long while after the arrival of his subsequent film, “Thrashin’,” as his presentation was generally panned. F

or on the other hand numerous years, Brolin showed up in stage jobs in Rochester, New York, close by tutor and companion Anthony Zerbe.

One of his most noticeable early jobs was that of Wild Bill Hickok in the ABC western television series “The Youthful Riders.” The show went on for three seasons, from 1989-1992. He was likewise associated with two other television series, “Winnetka Street” and “Mr Authentic.” Brolin turned out to be significantly more notable after he started taking on awful jobs in the last part of the 2000s, remembering the lead job for the Coen siblings’ Oscar-winning film “No Country for Elderly people Men.”

In 2008, Brolin featured in Oliver Stone’s film “W,” a biopic about key occasions in the existence of President George W. Bramble. Brolin was at first reluctant about playing the previous president, yet Stone sought after him lastly persuaded him.

That very year, Brolin was assigned for an Oscar for Best Supporting Entertainer for his job in Gus Van Sant’s biopic “Milk.” Brolin depicted city boss Dan White, who killed San Francisco Manager Harvey Milk and Chairman George Moscone.

Brolin made news by wearing a White Bunch to the Oscar service to show fortitude with the marriage correspondence development.

Notwithstanding his Oscar gesture, Brolin got a lot of basic recognition for his presentation and got NYFCC and NBR Grants for Best Supporting Entertainer, as well as a Hang selection for Extraordinary Execution by a Male Entertainer in a Supporting Job.

In 2010, Brolin played the central protagonist in “Jonah Hex,” in light of the DC Comic books character with a similar name. In 2012, featured with Tommy Lee Jones in “Men in Dark 3,” and the following year showed up in the film “Criminal Crew.”

Brolin was considered for the job of Batman in the DC Broadened Universe, however the job went to Ben Affleck all things considered. The next year, Brolin joined to play Thanos inside the Wonder Artistic Universe. He cameoed as the person in 2014’s “Watchmen of the Universe” and “Justice fighters: Time of Ultron” in 2015.

In April 2017, Brolin marked a four-film contract with twentieth Century Fox to depict the Wonder character Nathan Summers/Link in the X-Men film series.

 2018’s “Deadpool 2” was his most memorable portion inside that agreement. He repeated the job of Thanos in “Vindicators: Limitlessness Battle” in 2018 and “Justice fighters: Final plan” in 2019. The two movies were shot one after the other. Brolin is set to star in 2021’s “Ridge.”

Beyond his on-camera profession, Brolin chief delivered “Individuals Talk” in 2009, a narrative component movie in light of student of history Howard Zinn’s “A Group’s Set of experiences of the US.” He likewise composed and coordinated the short movie “X,” his first time at the helm.

Personal Life

In 1988, he wedded entertainer Alice Adair. Their youngsters Trevor and Eden were brought into the world in 1988 and 1994, separately. The couple separated in 1994.

He was locked in to entertainer Minnie Driver, however the couple canceled their marital plans following a half year.

Josh Brolin was hitched to entertainer Diane Path from 2004 to 2013. In 2016, he wedded his previous associate/model, Kathryn Boyd.

They reported through Instagram in November 2018 that Boyd had brought forth their little girl, Westyn Rule Brolin.

Legal Troubles

In December 2004, Brolin’s better half at that point, Diane Path called the police after a squabble with him. Brolin was captured on a misdeed allegation of homegrown battery.

Path didn’t squeeze charges, with the couple’s representative describing the occurrence as a “misconception.”

In 2008, Brolin was captured after a fight at the Homeless Feline Bar in Shreveport, Louisiana, alongside entertainer Jeffrey Wright and five different men who were team individuals from “W.”

Charges against every one of the seven men were subsequently dropped. On New Year’s Day 2013, Brolin was captured for public inebriation in St Nick Monica, California.

Real Estate

In mid 2020, Josh sold his long-term compound in LA’s Brentwood neighborhood for $6.55 million. Around a similar time, he and Kathryn Boyd paid $3.55 million for a 1.5-section of land domain in suburbia of Atlanta.

In October 2020, they paid $1.1 million for a home in Simi Valley, California. In Walk 2024, Josh paid $7.1 million for a 2.8-section of land property in Montecito, California.

Youth and Activities

In his childhood, Brolin was an individual from the “Cito Rodents,” a riding bunch in St Nick Barbara impacted by the underground rock culture of the ’80s.

The gathering involved people from fluctuated foundations, traversing both princely and less advantaged families.

Brolin has been candid about his past battles, confessing to taking part in vehicle burglary to support his medication propensities, which eminently included trial and error with heroin.

Notwithstanding his genuine affirmation of this dim period, Brolin straightforwardly communicates his abhorrence for heroin and its related risks, causing to notice the unfortunate passings of 19 companions because of medication related issues.

Career Highlights

Brolin at first caught consideration for his part in the experience film “The Goonies” (1985) from the get-go in his vocation.

Following a time of relative decay, he encountered a significant resurgence with his driving exhibition in the wrongdoing film “No Country for Elderly people Men” (2007), gathering basic praise.

The biopic “Milk” (2008) likewise brought acknowledgment, acquiring him an Institute Grant selection for Best Supporting Entertainer as he depicted Dan White.

Brolin’s unmistakable quality soar with his depiction of Thanos in the Wonder Realistic Universe, highlighting in various blockbuster films.

The significant total assets of $45 million bucks credited to Josh Brolin is principally the aftereffect of his thriving acting profession. Starting around 2024, Brolin’s monetary achievement is a demonstration of his ability and flexibility in the business.

In synopsis, Josh Brolin’s direction in acting has been set apart by the two difficulties and wins, however he has certainly gotten an enduring presence in the field. With an expected total assets of $45 million bucks, Brolin remains as a demonstration of his ability as an exceptionally achieved and prosperous entertainer.

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  1. Josh Brolin was born on February 12, 1968, in Santa Monica, California, to actor James Brolin and wildlife activist Jane Cameron.
  2. He gained early fame for his role in the 1985 film “The Goonies” and later appeared in various TV shows and movies throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.
  3. Brolin’s portrayal of President George W. Bush in the 2008 biopic “W.” earned him critical acclaim.
  4. He starred in the Oscar-winning film “Milk” (2008) and the Coen Brothers’ western “True Grit” (2010).
  5. Brolin is known for his roles in comic book films, such as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014), “Avengers: Infinity War” (2018), and “Avengers: Endgame” (2019).
  6. He also played Cable in “Deadpool 2” (2018) and appeared in films like “Sicario” (2015), “Hail, Caesar!” (2016), and “Dune” (2021).


Josh Brolin is an American actor known for his diverse roles in film and television. He gained early fame for his role in “The Goonies” and later earned critical acclaim for his portrayal of President George W. Bush in “W.” He has starred in a variety of films, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thanos and in critically acclaimed films like “Milk” and “No Country for Old Men.”


What is Josh Brolin’s net worth?

Josh Brolin’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million.

What are some of Josh Brolin’s notable roles?

Some of Josh Brolin’s notable roles include his portrayal of President George W. Bush in “W.,” Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and roles in films like “Milk” and “No Country for Old Men.”

Who are Josh Brolin’s parents?

Josh Brolin’s parents are actor James Brolin and wildlife activist Jane Cameron.

Has Josh Brolin been involved in any legal issues?

Josh Brolin has had some legal troubles, including arrests for domestic battery and public intoxication.

What is Josh Brolin’s personal life like?

Josh Brolin has been married three times and has children from his previous marriages. He is currently married to former assistant Kathryn Boyd, with whom he has a daughter.

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