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Showbiz used to be all about Kevin Selleck. Many believed he was bound for greatness because of his exceptional acting skills and musical abilities. But these days, he would rather live a more sedate life out of the spotlight and maintain a low profile.

Who is Kevin Selleck?

A few standout movies from Kevin Selleck’s oeuvre in the 1980s and 1990s helped him establish a reputation in Hollywood. With his easygoing charisma, he gained popularity as a romantic actor and won over many hearts in the process.

Not to mention, he is descended from the renowned actor Tom Selleck, thus we cannot ignore his Hollywood background. Kevin’s early entry into the spotlight and subsequent continuation of the family’s showbiz legacy are not surprising given his impressive background.

Kevin Selleck Biography

Kevin Selleck’s got quite the mix in his background, being a proud American. His mother, Jacqueline Ray, achieved success in Hollywood as a star of several iconic films, including “In Like Flint,” “Magnum, P.I.”, and “Beyond the Universe.”

It’s a bit of a puzzle now, about Kevin’s true father. Though nothing is known about him, Jacqueline was married to Shepard in the 1960s. Their story ended when Kevin was still a kid. But then along came Tom Selleck, who not only played a big role in Kevin’s life but also officially became his dad through adoption.

Kevin Selleck Wiki

Full nameKevin Selleck
Date of birthAugust 9th, 1966
Age56 years
CareerActor and singer
Marital statusMarried
Hair colorBlack (Dark brown)
Net worth$18 million
ParentsThomas Selleck and Jacqueline Ray

Kevin Selleck Education

Kevin Selleck’s entry into the entertainment industry was significantly influenced by his background and by his stepfather, Tom Selleck. Kevin discovered a supportive atmosphere that nourished his interests and abilities while growing up under Tom’s tutelage.

It’s obvious that Kevin’s love for acting and music started at a young age, even if not much is known about his schooling. Those initial meetings inspired him to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Despite obstacles along his path, Kevin’s childhood and history contributed significantly to his development into the successful man he is today.

Kevin Selleck Age

At the end of the day, in 1966, Kevin Selleck entered the world. Quick forward to 2023, and he’ll celebrate 57 outings around the sun. His prime came during the ’90s, 10 years carved into mainstream society history.

Kevin’s life story is intertwined with the legendary actor Tom Selleck, his dad. This family connection, like stars aligning, surely played a big role in Kevin’s journey through the entertainment world.

Kevin Selleck Height

Kevin Selleck is around 190 cm, or 6 feet 3 inches, tall. He has a weight of about sixty-three kg. In terms of appearance, he has light complexion, brown hair, and dark eyes. He looks really well, with a neat tiny nose and a well-groomed beard.

Kevin Selleck Personal Life

Kevin is happily wedded to Annabelle Selleck, often described as breathtaking. They tied the knot on August 7, 1987, in a low-key ceremony, preferring to keep their love story intimate among close family and friends.

Rumor has it that they are blessed with six children, yet they would rather keep their family matters private.

Through the years, Kevin has grown into a devoted and accountable husband and father, prioritizing his family above all else.

Kevin Selleck Family

Kevin came into the world in 1966, born to Jacqueline Ray, who had a past in modeling. The specifics of his early years remain a bit mysterious, especially when it comes to his biological father. But everything changed when Jacqueline tied the knot with Tom Selleck. Tom took a heartfelt step and officially adopted Kevin on August 7, 1987.

In matters of the heart, Kevin’s romantic journey is tightly woven with Annabelle, his sweetheart from high school. They roamed the same school corridors during those formative years, and their love story bloomed over a decade, culminating in their joyful union on that memorable date, August 7, 1987.

Kevin Selleck Relationships

Annabelle Selleck is Kevin Selleck’s spouse, known for her work as an actor and singer in America. Kevin, being the stepson of a Hollywood and television icon, keeps his personal life under wraps despite fans’ curiosity. This shows his dedication to setting boundaries and preserving his privacy. Nonetheless, Kevin remains determined to thrive and excel in the entertainment world.

Kevin Selleck Career

While Kevin Selleck’s vocation in the stage might not have accomplished similar levels as his dad Tom Selleck’s, he in any case fashion his own course. Being up in Los Angeles, California, he prioritized his schooling. He jumped headfirst into the music industry following high school, joining forces with Jeff Russo, Dan Lavery, Emerson Hart, and Dan Rothchild to establish the rock group Tonic in 1993.

Kevin’s drumming talents lit up the stage during Tonic’s prime. Their debut album “Lemon Parade” in 1996, featuring smash hits like “If You Could Only See,” soared up the charts, putting Kevin and the crew on the map.

However, personal and family matters led Kevin to step away from the band in 1996. Gossip swirled about tensions among band members, but the full story remained elusive.

Following his split from Tonic, Kevin chose a more subdued path in show business. He started taking on behind-the-scenes jobs, such as production assistant for ABC’s “Las Vegas” and grip on the set of “Magnum, P.I.”

In the years that followed, Kevin opted for a more private life over the spotlight and high-profile employment, preferring a more low-key way of living.

Kevin Selleck Awards

Thanks to his extraordinary talent and unrelenting commitment, Kevin Selleck has received countless distinctions and achievements during his career. Both reviewers and fans have heaped praise and appreciation upon him for his fascinating on-screen personas as well as his extraordinary musical talents.

Though the specifics of his accolades and successes may not be well known, it is evident that Kevin’s extraordinary skill has not gone unappreciated. His success in the entertainment sector is surely largely due to his ability to portray a broad range of personalities and establish a profound connection with fans.

Kevin has a bright future ahead of him, so his list of accomplishments and honors will probably keep expanding.

Kevin Selleck Net Worth

Thanks to his great professions in acting and music, Kevin Selleck is believed to have a net worth of around $18 million, according to several estimates. His endeavors in these domains have yielded significant returns, endowing him with considerable fortune.

In terms of finances, Kevin’s bank account actually outshines that of his stepdad, Tom Selleck, in the entertainment biz. Reports indicate that Tom’s net worth hovers around $45 million, showcasing Kevin’s remarkable success in comparison.

Kevin Selleck Social Media

Kevin Selleck finds comfort in staying connected with his fans through popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. These online spaces give him a chance to share his professional journey and personal values, building a strong bond with his dedicated followers.

Kevin talks about his interests and professional accomplishments on various platforms, including his love of music and acting. Furthermore, he permits his admirers to feel like they are a piece of his internal circle by sharing looks into his own life.

It is fundamental to follow Kevin via web-based entertainment if you have any desire to keep awake to date on his latest endeavors and approach in the background photographs. This style, which is amiable and captivating, makes Kevin even more lovable to his devoted fan base.


Kevin Selleck, brought into the world on August 10th, 1966, is an American performer and craftsman known for his parts during the 1980s and 1990s. He is the offspring of Jacqueline Shaft, a performer, and was taken on by Tom Selleck, a lofty performer, after Jacqueline’s association with Tom. Kevin’s underlying receptiveness to news sources, joined with his stepfather’s effect, roused his calling in Hollywood. He procured conspicuousness as a sincere performer and entertainer, particularly during his residency with the melodic pack Tonic. Despite early accomplishment, Kevin later settled on a more secret life, working behind the scenes in news sources. He is hitched to Annabelle and has six children. Kevin’s complete resources is surveyed to be around $18 million.


Who is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck is an American performer and craftsman known for his work during the 1980s and 1990s. He is the offspring of Jacqueline Bar and was taken on by Tom Selleck.

What is Kevin Selleck’s complete resources?

Kevin Selleck’s absolute resources is evaluated to be around $18 million, by virtue of his productive calling in acting and music.

What is Kevin Selleck’s level?

Kevin Selleck is roughly 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) tall.

Is Kevin Selleck hitched?

To be sure, Kevin Selleck is hitched to Annabelle Selleck, and they have six children together.

What is Kevin Selleck’s calling?

Kevin Selleck is known for his parts in movies and music. He gained distinction as a genuine performer and was a person from the melodic group Tonic during the 1990s. He later different to behind the scenes occupations in news sources.

What is Kevin Selleck’s relationship with Tom Selleck?

Kevin Selleck was embraced by Tom Selleck and considers him his father. Tom Selleck plays had an essential effect in Kevin’s life and work.

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