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Lola Brooke is an American rapper conceived by Shyniece Thomas on February 1, 1994, in Brooklyn, New York, Her name reverberates across the rap music industry with her weighty hits and convincing story.

Beginning her melodic excursion at the youthful age of eight, Lola has ascended to turn into a persuasive figure in rap, known for her viral hit “Don’t Play With It” and her well established Brooklyn legacy.

Lola Brooke Height and Weight

Remaining at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) and weighing roughly 121 lbs (55 kg), Lola Brooke’s height has never been a boundary to her outsized impact in the music business.

Her devotion and ability have pushed her to incredible levels, validating that ability rises above actual aspects.

Lola Brooke wiki and biography

Lola Brooke’s excursion from experiencing childhood in Brooklyn to turning into a well known rapper shows serious areas of strength for how, and energetic she is about music.

She began cherishing music when she was youthful and continued rehearsing and composing melodies. Her ability got seen by Group 80 Creations and she endorsed them in 2016.

From that point forward, she has had large accomplishments with her melodies, worked with different craftsmen and even got perceived as a feature of the XXL Rookie Class in 2023.

Presently, she is preparing to deliver her most memorable collection, and she’s viewed as a pioneer in hip-bounce, moving fans and different performers.


Full NameShyniece Thomas
Stage NameLola Brooke
Age30 (as of 2024)
BirthdateFebruary 1, 1994
Zodiac signAquarius
Place of birthBrooklyn, New York, United States of America
Height4 feet 9 inches (145 cm)
Weight121 lbs (55 kg)
Hair colourLight brown
Eye colourBrown
ParentsMother: Teesha, Father: Dennis (Deceased)
Net Worth$500,000 – $2 million
Career Start2016
Notable Works“Don’t Play With It”, “Dennis Daughter”

Age and Early Fame

Starting around 2024, Lola Brooke is 30 years of age. Her ascent to distinction can be followed back to her enthusiasm for music, which was clear from early on.

Energized by her mom, Lola left on a profession that saw her marking with Group 80 Creations in 2016, laying the foundation for her possible breakout with the viral sensation “Don’t Play With It.”

Ethnicity and Parents

Lola’s experience is pretty much as rich and different as her music. Of African-American nationality, she was brought up in the energetic roads of Brooklyn, New York, by her single parent, Teesha.

The deficiency of her dad, Dennis, very early on, significantly affected her, motivating the title of her presentation collection, “Dennis Little girl.”

Lola Brooke family

Lola Brooke experienced childhood in Brooklyn, New York, with her mother being a major piece of her life. She is the lone kid, and her mother raised many her father died.

Her family was truly essential to her as she pursued her fantasy about making music. Despite the fact that she keeps insights regarding her family hidden, her childhoods and the help from her family hugely affect her music and her profession as a craftsman.

Lola Brooke career

Lola Brooke’s music profession shows the amount she adores music and how hard she functions at it. She began composing melodies when she was only 8 years of age and later got seen by Group 80 Creations and afterward endorsed with Arista Records.

She has had heaps of effective melodies, worked with different craftsmen and is preparing to deliver her most memorable collection.

Lola’s on her way up in the rap world, and individuals consider her to be a rising star. She is doing everything with her own style and energy, and her impact on hip bounce is going to keep going for quite a while.

Net Worth

As of the most recent updates in 2024, Lola Brooke’s total assets are assessed to be around $500,000 to $2 million. This reach represents her developing profession, including her music deliveries, exhibitions, and brand support.

What is Lola Brooke’s age?

The rapper is 29 years of age starting around 2023. When is Lola Brooke’s birthday? She was conceived by Shyniece Thomas on 1 February 1994 in New York, Brooklyn, US of America.

Her stage name is a blend of Lola Rabbit and Brooklyn. Her dad, Dennis, died when she was youthful.

The popular rapper named her presentation collection, Dennis Little girl, after her dad.

On 31 October 2023, she shared a video on Instagram to wish her dad a Blissful Halloween.

She was raised by her mom, Teesha, who has upheld her music profession since adolescence.

Lola Brooke’s identity is American, and her nationality is African-American.

How did Lola Brooke get famous? 

She began composing music when she was eight years of age. Her mom realized she had an enthusiasm for rapping and was steady. Prior to becoming perceived as a rapper, she functioned as a private helper at a haven.

She needed to leave her place of employment to zero in on her music vocation. Lola Brooke was returning home late, and it was challenging for her to adjust work and her rap vocation, so her mom recommended that she quit and zero in on her music profession.

In 2016, she endorsed Group 80 Creations, a New York City-based record label. She delivered her most memorable music video, 2017 Stream, in January 2017.

The melody helped grandstand her ability. That very year, she delivered another melody, Never Was Yours.

She came into the spotlight after her tune Don’t Play With It became famous online. She delivered the tune in 2021, which was generally welcomed by a wide crowd on the web.

In a meeting with 777 Radio, the rapper said that when she made the Don’t Play With It melody, she didn’t anticipate that it would become famous online.

The tune has received more than 36 million views on YouTube. She is presently endorsed to Arista Records. On 25 June 2023, she was welcome to the BET Grants and was designated as The Best Craftsman Candidate. Her different works incorporate the accompanying:

Her notoriety has reached out to virtual entertainment stages like TikTok, X (Twitter) and YouTube. She has more than 1 million supporters on Instagram.

Her TikTok account has reached more than 806 thousand adherents. She is additionally well known on X (Twitter), with 127 thousand supporters. She possesses a merchandise store and retails all kinds of people’s garments.


  1. Lola Brooke’s height is 4 feet 9 inches (145 cm).
  2. Despite her height, Lola Brooke has made a significant impact in the music industry.
  3. Her height has not been a barrier to her success, showcasing that talent transcends physical attributes.
  4. Lola Brooke stands out for her unique style and powerful lyrics, not her height.


Lola Brooke, born Shyniece Thomas on February 1, 1994, in Brooklyn, New York, is a 30-year-old American rapper known for her viral hit “Don’t Play With It” and her strong presence in the rap music industry. Despite her height of 4 feet 9 inches (145 cm), Lola Brooke has risen to prominence with her talent and dedication to music. She started her musical journey at a young age and signed with Group 80 Creations in 2016, paving the way for her success in the industry.


How tall is Lola Brooke?

Lola Brooke is 4 feet 9 inches (145 cm) tall.

Has Lola Brooke’s height affected her music career?

No, Lola Brooke’s height has not been a hindrance to her music career. She has achieved success in the industry through her talent and hard work.

What is Lola Brooke’s stage name?

Lola Brooke’s stage name is derived from a combination of Lola Rabbit and Brooklyn, reflecting her roots and personality in her music.

What is Lola Brooke’s notable work?

Lola Brooke’s notable works include her viral hit “Don’t Play With It” and her album “Dennis Daughter,” which she named after her father.

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