Who is Taimi Li? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend And More

Who is Taimi Li?

Taimi Li has gained recognition as a well-known celebrity child, being the daughter of the renowned Chinese-Singaporean film actor and martial artist, Jet Li, and his former actress wife, Qiuyan Huang.

Taimi Li Biography

Taimi Li, recognized as a prominent celebrity offspring, has garnered attention for her illustrious lineage. The daughter of the renowned Chinese-Singaporean martial artist and film actor, Jet Li, and former actress Qiuyan Huang, Taimi Li inherits both talent and charisma from her distinguished family. Growing up in this influential household has shaped her into an intriguing personality in the entertainment realm, captivating audiences globally with her distinct appeal and the legacy of her celebrated parents.

Taimi Li Education

Taimi Li, born on July 6, 1989, in China, is a celebrity child whose upbringing was significantly influenced by her parents, Jet Li and Qiuyan Huang.

Growing up alongside her three siblings, Si Li, Jada Li, and Jane Li, Taimi Li enjoyed the company of her grandparents – Zhang Fenglan, Li Qingquan, Huang Bo Tao, and Chen Liang Huan. Additionally, she shared her childhood with uncles Li Lianli and Li Liansheng, as well as aunts Li Lianping and Li Lianzhu.

Taimi Li is currently pursuing her education at Beijing Huijia Private School, further enriching her life experiences and knowledge.

Taimi enjoys a Straightforward Lifestyle

Despite her superstar parentage, Taimi Li consciously seeks a serene and unpretentious existence. Preferring a life away from the constant gaze of the media, she has embraced a humble lifestyle. In stark contrast to a pervasive presence on social media, Taimi maintains a low profile, signaling her lack of enthusiasm for the extravagance of the spotlight. Collaborating with her sisters, she plays an active role in assisting her father with the oversight of his philanthropic endeavor, the One Foundation.

Taimi Li Personal Life

Diverging from her father’s fame, Taimi opts for a more private existence, steering clear of the public spotlight. It appears that Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan have successfully navigated co-parenting, ensuring that their children, Taimi and Si, remain shielded from public scrutiny. Taimi consciously maintains a guarded profile, electing not to share personal details with the public.

Taimi Li Family Background

In 1987, Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan started their marital journey. But the journey wasn’t without difficulties; in 1990, they made the decision to split up, ending their three-year marriage.  Within this time frame, they welcomed two daughters into the world, Taimi Li and Si Li. Despite Taimi’s enduring love for her parents, the complexities in their relationship led to the difficult decision to separate.

Taimi’s life had a noteworthy and emotionally intense chapter with her parents’ divorce. Seeing a family disintegrate is surely a difficult experience. Following their divorce, Jet Li made friends with Nina Li Chi, and the two have stayed together ever since. This union brought forth two more daughters, Jada Li and Jane Li, expanding Taimi’s family to include three loving sisters. Together, they navigate life with warmth and affection, embracing a shared circle of decency and care.

Engagement in Philanthropic Endeavors

Beyond the realm of personal privacy, Taimi Li’s life is marked by a sincere commitment to making a positive impact. A crucial aspect of her journey involves actively engaging in charitable initiatives, particularly in supporting her father’s One Foundation. Established by the renowned Jet Li, this foundation stands as a beacon for mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and extending aid during international disasters.

Taimi’s dedication to these charitable endeavors underscores her belief in the power of significant contributions to society. By aligning herself with the One Foundation’s mission, she assumes a vital role in furthering causes that offer compassion and assistance to those in need. This reflects her profound commitment to humanitarian values, illustrating a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Taimi Li Height & Weight

Taimi Li emanates a serene and captivating aura alongside her impressive physical attributes. She stands five feet five inches tall and weighs a healthy fifty-two kilogrammes, with an appealing and well-balanced body.  Taimi’s general health demonstrates her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Her allure is further heightened by the beauty of her black hair, which complements the depth of her captivating black eyes. Taimi is not merely an outwardly attractive individual; her inner beauty shines through, blending her physical appeal with a poised and amiable demeanor. These qualities contribute to her charm, elevating her beyond being just a beautiful face to someone who is both admirable and well-rounded.

Taimi Li Career

In the annals of professional trajectories, Taimi Li’s occupational journey requires a more meticulous chronicle, distinct from the widespread recognition her progenitor, Jet Li, garners as a thespian and practitioner of martial arts. Jet Li’s acting career began before he showed off his skills in wushu, a traditional Chinese martial sport. Acknowledgment for his membership in the ‘Beijing Wushu Team,’ an elite group based in the center of Beijing, China, he made a name for himself at the age of eleven by winning the national title in the ‘National Games of the People’s Republic of China.

Following this triumph, he astounded spectators, including the then-President of the United States, Richard Nixon, in 1974, showcasing his wushu prowess. His extraordinary display not only captivated but also conferred upon him the distinguished accolade of the ‘All-Around National Wushu Champion’ that year.

Buoyed by this success, Jet Li delved into the tapestry of the Chinese cinematic landscape, making his debut in the acclaimed 1982 film ‘Shaolin Temple.’ The film resonated triumphantly, cementing his stature as a luminary actor within the confines of China. Evolving in his vocation, Jet Li traversed to Hong Kong, where in 1991, he secured a role in the highly lauded martial arts opus, “Once Upon a Time in China.”

Taimi Li Awards

Time doesn’t yet have any awards or official recognition, but her father has a number of them. Amidst the realm of cinematic accolades, his prowess manifested in 2007, clinching the prestigious “Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award” within the distinguished realm of ‘Best Actor.’ The genesis of this acclaim emanated from his unparalleled portrayal in the cinematic opus titled “Fearless.”

The zenith of acknowledgment transpired in 2008, where his appellation echoed through the corridors of distinction once more. The Hong Kong Film Award again recognized his Shakespearean prowess with the title of “Best Actor,” this time for his mysterious performance in the celluloid tapestry “The Warlords.” Simultaneously, the collection of honors also included the 2008 Shanghai Film Critics Award, where he won the title of “Best Actor” for his unforgettable portrayal in the previously mentioned movie.

Taimi Li Net Worth

Taimi Li, who is skilled at keeping her personal information private, has opted to keep her earnings, net worth, and other sources of income under wraps and not divulge them to the general public. On the other hand, her father is said to have a large net worth roughly $250 million.

Informants in the know speculate that Taimi Li may have amassed a fortune of approximately $300,000.

Jet and his wife Nina Li Chi

The photo was a treat for his fans for two reasons: Jet looked much more like his usual sprightly self in the picture, and everyone got a rare glimpse of his statuesque daughters Jane, 18, and Jada, 15. Jane and Jada are Jet’s kids with his second wife, ’80s sexpot actress Nina Li Chi. He also has two other daughters, Si Li and Taimi Li, who are in their late twenties, from his first marriage to Chinese former actress Huang Qiuyan.

Family bodyguards

Netizens joked that Jane and Jada, who were both wearing heels and towered over the 1.7m-tall Jet, looked like their old man’s glamazon bodyguards. They also noted that the girls had inherited their beautiful mother’s genes.

Tiny dancer

Fans who remembered Jet’s daughters from their childhood years also reminisced about the time when a precocious seven-year-old Jane was a guest dancer at Andy Lau’s concert (ah, the perks of having Jet Li as your dad).

Young philanthropists

It seems like Jane and Jada had inherited their dad’s penchant for philanthropy, and regularly help him out with his charity work. Jet, a longtime Chinese Red Cross ambassador, had founded his Shenzhen-based charity organisation One Foundation in 2007, some years after he and his family survived a close life-and-death encounter with the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 while vacationing in the Maldives.

Jane and Jet at a charity conference

Jet had also previously posted photos of Jane and Jada on Facebook, where he praised them for their enthusiasm for philanthropy. “Jada attended a XIN Philanthropy Conference with me and shared her experiences to the audience while Jada helped at the Rehabilitation Center for Hearing-Impaired Children in Northern China,” wrote Jet.

All about kids

Proud dad Jet shared a photo of Jada hanging out with hearing-impaired kids in China.

Taimi Li Social Media

Taimi Li purposefully adopts a discreet online presence, steering clear of engagements on widely-used social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Unlike numerous public figures, she opts not to utilize these digital arenas as a means to unveil facets of her personal life and experiences.

Taimi’s intentional detachment from the realm of social media serves as a testament to her inclination toward privacy and a more unassuming lifestyle. This deliberate choice allows her to navigate the tangible world beyond the confines of the internet, preserving a semblance of authenticity in her interpersonal connections. In an age dominated by constant connectivity, Taimi’s decision to eschew the online sphere signifies a conscious effort to prioritize face-to-face relationships and maintain control over the narrative of her own story.


  1. Celebrity Lineage: Taimi Li is the daughter of renowned Chinese-Singaporean film actor and martial artist, Jet Li, and former actress Qiuyan Huang.
  2. Birth and Family: She was born on July 6, 1989, in China. Taimi has three siblings: Si Li, Jada Li, and Jane Li.
  3. Education: Taimi attends Beijing Huijia Private School, where she pursues her education.
  4. Privacy: Despite her famous parents, Taimi leads a private life, preferring to stay away from the limelight.
  5. Philanthropy: Taimi actively participates in her father’s philanthropic endeavors, particularly with the One Foundation, focusing on mental health awareness and disaster relief.
  6. Net Worth: While her personal earnings are undisclosed, it’s speculated that Taimi Li’s net worth is around $300,000.
  7. Physical Attributes: Taimi stands at 1.65 meters tall, with distinctive black hair and captivating black eyes.
  8. Social Media: Unlike many public figures, Taimi Li avoids social media platforms, choosing to maintain her privacy and lead a more low-key lifestyle.


Taimi Li, the daughter of Jet Li and Qiuyan Huang, is a prominent celebrity child known for her lineage. Despite her famous parents, she values privacy and leads a modest life. Taimi actively supports her father’s philanthropic efforts and focuses on her education while staying away from social media.


Who are Taimi Li’s parents?

Taimi Li’s parents are Jet Li, a renowned Chinese-Singaporean film actor and martial artist, and Qiuyan Huang, a former actress.

Where was Taimi Li born?

Taimi Li was born in China on July 6, 1989.

Does Taimi Li have siblings?

Yes, Taimi Li has three siblings: Si Li, Jada Li, and Jane Li.

What is Taimi Li’s net worth?

While Taimi Li’s personal earnings are undisclosed, it’s estimated to be around $300,000.

Is Taimi Li active on social media?

No, Taimi Li prefers to maintain her privacy and does not engage in social media platforms.

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