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Dave Navarro Spouse

Tania Goddard

Dave Navarro’s first wife was Tania Goddard, a talented makeup artist known for her work in horror films, especially the movie Wishcraft. She even teamed up with Dave on True Vinyl, where she lent her skills to the musical drama.

They got married at The Alexandria Ballrooms in California in June 1990, marking the beginning of their adventure together. Nevertheless, they chose to separate after only two years, formally filed for divorce in 1992. After their divorce was granted the next year, they each went on with their lives on their own.

Rhian Gittins

The unexpected turns that life takes are fascinating to see. After Tania found happiness with Paul Saylor, Dave found himself drawn to Rhian Gittins not long after his divorce. Rhian, a Canadian native, was born in July 1969 and reportedly went to Ross Shep Composite High School.

Their tale resembled a flurry of passion. On October 15, 1994, they exchanged vows and maintained a very low profile during their relationship. Unfortunately, their happily ever after was not to be their love story’s ending. Their situation changed, resulting in their formal separation. On October 20, 1994, their union came to a formal end, becoming one of the shortest unions ever.

Carmen Electra

Dave’s romantic journey took another turn when he found love with Carmen Electra, the Baywatch sensation. Carmen, originally Tara Leigh Patrick, is a multi-talented American figure, known for her acting, modeling, singing, and vibrant personality. Her path to fame included a musical start in Minneapolis, where she crossed paths with none other than Prince himself, leading to her debut album in 1993.

Following a period of time spent modeling and appearing in Playboy, Carmen turned her attention to Hollywood. She went on a blind date with Dave Navarro there in 2000, and things quickly got hot. After less than a year, they became engaged, and MTV became interested in their upcoming wedding, which resulted in the creation of the reality series Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave.

However, their marriage didn’t hold up over time; it ended in 2006 after just 2.5 years of marriage. Not only did Carmen state in her divorce filing that she and Dave had never had children together, but she also explicitly stated in the court documents that they would not be receiving spousal maintenance as per their prenuptial agreement.

Who is Dave Navarro?

David Michael Navarro, brought into the world on June 7, 1967, is something other than a name in the American music scene; he’s a guitar virtuoso. You could remember him best from his days with Jane’s Enslavement, where he contributed his abilities to four studio collections. Yet, that is not all. From 1993 to 1998, Navarro destroyed his guitar as a component of the Intensely hot Stew Peppers, influencing their collection “One Hot Moment.”

In addition to his work in the band, Navarro released his own album in 2001, titled “Trust No One.” However, he is not one to stick to a single groove. Navarro’s melodic excursion incorporates spells with other Jane’s Fixation related groups like Deconstruction and the Frenzy Channel.

However, Navarro isn’t just an expert guitarist; He has also left his mark on television sets. You could have gotten him as a host and judge on “Ink Expert,” a tattoo contest series that circulated on Central Organization, displaying his gifts past the fretboard. With his diverse style and obvious ability, Navarro has legitimately procured his place as one of the greats in elective stone.

Dave Navarro Early Life

On June 7, 1967, David Michael Navarro was conceived right in St Nick Monica, California. At the point when he previously got a guitar at the young age of seven, he was motivated by the incredible Jimi Hendrix. This marked the start of his musical career. Growing up, he strolled the lobbies of a secondary school in Sherman Oaks, where he found his position in the walking band close by his companion Stephen Perkins.

However, life rattled Navarro during his young years. Misfortune struck when his mom was unfortunately taken from him by an ex. It was an overwhelming blow, particularly since his folks were at that point living separated, and he was with his dad when it worked out. Later, Navarro talked about how this loss caused him to spiral into a dark period of drug addiction and mental health issues. A difficult section in his life has without a doubt formed the individual he is today.

Dave Navarro Wiki

Full NameDavid Micheal Navarro
Date of Birth7 June 1967
Age55 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignGemini
Place of BirthSanta Monica, California, USA
Current ResidenceLos Angeles
Height (feet)5’9”
Height (centimetres)175
Weight (pounds)137
Weight (kilograms)62
Body Measurements39-14-32 (in inches), 81-61-84 (in centimetres)
Shoe Size10 US
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark brown
MotherConstance Colleen Hopkins
FatherJames Raul Navarro
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-Partners1992 saw the divorce of Tania Goddard-Saylor, 1994 saw the annulment of Rhian Gittins, and 2007 saw the divorce of Carmen Electra. 
SchoolNotre Dame High School
ProfessionGuitarist, singer, songwriter, actor
Net Worth$25 million

Dave Navarro Personal life


James Raul Navarro and Constance Colleen Hopkins welcomed David Michael Navarro into the world on June 7, 1967, in beautiful Santa Monica, California, as their only child. His paternal grandfather immigrated to the United States from Mexico, therefore he has deep Mexican ancestry. Remarkably, the adoption of their common surname resulted from the close bond between his grandpa Gabriel Navarro and Mexican silent cinema actor Ramón Novarro.

As a member of the marching band at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California, Navarro experienced life to the rhythm of his own drum. Stephen Perkins, a future bandmate, would also participate in Jane’s Addiction with him.

However, things tragically turned worse for Navarro in March 1983 when her ex-boyfriend John (Dean) Riccardi killed both his mother and aunt. Riccardi was not captured until 1991, when he was brought to justice by a fan tip following his appearance on the television program “America’s Most Wanted.”

In a poignant moment during his appearance on the show in 2004, Navarro revealed that he was meant to be with his mother the night of her murder but ended up staying with his father at the last minute. The pain and trauma of this event fueled Navarro’s descent into drug addiction, a journey he courageously shared in his 2015 documentary “Mourning Son.” Through his film, Navarro not only confronts his past but also shines a light on the path to healing and overcoming immense adversity.


Navarro’s romantic life has been full of ups and downs, with three marriages serving as pivotal points. First up was the gifted makeup artist Tania Goddard-Saylor, with whom he was married in 1990 and they separated in 1992. In 1994, Rhian Gittins followed, but their marriage was short-lived and dissolved. Finally, from 2003 to 2007, Navarro got to marry actress and model Carmen Electra before their careers took different turns. Navarro’s path through love and life was shaped by the teachings and experiences that each relationship delivered.


Navarro’s political excursion has taken a few fascinating turns throughout the long term. He performed on stage at the Republican National Convention in 2012, when Mitt Romney was nominated for president. However, Navarro had shown a shift in his political views by openly declaring that he was a “Libertarian” by 2016.

Come the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries, Navarro threw his support behind Marianne Williamson, making his endorsement clear. However, his political alliances didn’t stop there. He later showed his backing for Tulsi Gabbard, even inviting her onto his show as a guest. Navarro’s willingness to explore different political perspectives highlights his evolving stance and engagement in the political landscape.

Dave Navarro Career

At the point when Dave Navarro joined Jane’s Dependence in 1986 as their new lead guitarist, the band’s experience formally began. The band’s primary players, Perry Farrell and Stephen Perkins, were looking for new ability, and Navarro was the best fit. Not long after Navarro’s appearance, they got a challenge to open for the English elective stone gathering Adoration and Rockets, which ended up being their enormous break. This opportunity push them into the public eye and made it feasible for their 1987 first collection, “Jane’s Dependence,” to be delivered.

Warner Bros. Records expressed interest in the band as a result of the record’s success, and their second album, “Nothing’s Shocking,” was released in 1988. Despite their increasing popularity, internal conflict and drug abuse caused the band to disintegrate. However, Perry Farrell organized Lollapalooza, a groundbreaking event that served as Jane’s Addiction’s farewell tour, before the band called it quits in 1991.

Following the band’s breakup, Navarro pursued a variety of musical endeavors and partnerships, almost joining Guns N’ Roses among them. Navarro left his imprint on the “End of Days” soundtrack by contributing to the song “Oh My God” by the legendary band, even though he did not join them.

He then formed the band Deconstruction and later joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1993. His time with the Chili Peppers saw him perform at Woodstock in 1994 and contribute to their album “One Hot Minute.” Navarro’s versatility was showcased further when he lent his guitar skills to Alanis Morissette’s hit song “You Oughta Know.”

For Jane’s Addiction’s “Relapse” tour in 1997, Navarro got back together, and the two kept working together on new projects. Navarro struggled with drug addiction and personal issues despite his achievements, which ultimately caused him to leave the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1998.

Navarro began a performance vocation in 2001, delivering his most memorable collection “Trust Nobody” and going on visit all through the country with his kindred musicians. Afterward, he reunited with Jane’s Dependence on work on numerous collections and began an unscripted TV drama with Carmen Electra, his ex. 

Beside his music profession, Navarro wandered into composing, co-creating an effective book named “Don’t Attempt This At Home” in 2004. He kept on enhancing his portfolio by showing up in Network programs like “Children of Political agitation” and “Talking Dead,” displaying his abilities past the domain of music.

Awards & Achievements

Dave Navarro’s influence on the music industry is evident, as seen by the stars he has earned for his bands Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction on the esteemed Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, his abilities go beyond music; he has also gained distinction in the fields of cinema and television.

Because of his work on TV, Navarro was nominated for a 2007 Best TV Guide Award, demonstrating his ability to enthrall audiences both on and off stage. The next year, his efforts with the camera was recognized when “Broken,” his non-feature film endeavor, received an AVN Award nomination for Best Director.

Navarro’s achievements aren’t limited to entertainment, though. In a notable moment, he became the first male honoree at Investigation Discovery’s annual event, a network dedicated to crime and justice television. This recognition highlights Navarro’s diverse talents and his ability to leave an indelible mark across multiple industries.

Jane’s Addiction

Back in 1986, Dave Navarro transformed the music scene by joining Jane’s Habit as their lead guitarist. It was a gathering of sorts, as he united with his cherished companion Stephen Perkins, who was at that point drumming endlessly in the band. Together, they left on an excursion that would cement Jane’s Habit as one of the trailblazers of elective stone.

Their musical adventure began in 1987 with the publication of their self-titled live CD. The band’s development was quickly praised by critics, who recognized their maturation and growth over time.

In any case, it was their jump into the significant associations with “Nothing’s Surprising” in 1988 that genuinely placed them on the guide. Regardless of not raising a ruckus around town 100 on the graphs, the collection earned rave surveys, exhibiting Navarro’s certain ability on the guitar. However, the band’s internal tensions began to simmer as success presented its own set of challenges.

Regardless of the developing agonies, Jane’s Compulsion pushed forward and dropped their second studio collection, “Custom de lo ongoing,” in 1990. This collection was a unique advantage, with hits like “Been Found Taking” and “Quit” ruling the wireless transmissions. The album quickly reached double platinum status in the United States, establishing Jane’s Addiction’s place in music history.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

In 1991, Jane’s Enslavement threw in the towel, and the band delivered “Custom de lo constant,” which denoted the conclusion of a significant time period. Be that as it may, Dave Navarro won’t permit the music to die down. He hopped into different tasks, loaning his gifts to groups like Firearms N’ Roses and Butthole Surfers while additionally framing his own band, Deconstruction.

Navarro truly made his mark with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1993, where he found a new musical home. Besides the fact that he shook out live with the band, however he likewise assumed a vital part in their collection “One Hot Moment,” which hit the racks in 1995.

However, Navarro’s time with the Chili Peppers was marred by a heroin relapse in 1998, which led to his departure from the band. It was an extreme blow, yet Navarro’s strength and energy for music kept him pushing ahead, prepared to take on whatever what was in store had coming up.

Solo and Other Work

With the release of his album “Trust No One,” Navarro entered the solo stage in 2001 and demonstrated his range as a musician. In an iconic performance at the storied Apollo Theater the next year, he was onstage alongside none other than Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

Throughout the 2000s, Navarro’s influence on the entertainment industry only increased. Dave Navarro was a powerful figure because he hosted shows like “Rock Star: The Movie” and his own web talk show, “Dave Navarro’s SPREAD TV.” Rock Star: INXS and Supernova.” Also that he tried different things with recording explicit movies, showing that he was ready to attempt a scope of inventive exercises.

But Navarro’s heart never wandered too far from his origins, and to the amazement of all fans worldwide, Jane’s Addiction came back together in 2008. The group’s sustained success in 2009 was demonstrated by their subsequent tour with Nine Inch Nails, and they are still going strong in the 2020s.

Real Estate

There were rumors in 2014 that Navarro was asking close to a million dollars for his Hollywood residence. Navarro’s refuge since 2007—shortly after his breakup with Carmen Electra—had been this 1,570-square-foot apartment tucked away at the intersection of Broadway and Vine. The property had some amazing upgrades, particularly in the bathroom area, and included 15-foot ceilings.

Yet again in 2016, Navarro was taking actions in the housing market. This time, he bought a grand $2.9 million home in the exclusive Larchmont neighborhood of Los Angeles. The colossal 4,300 square foot home was worked across two levels and had four rooms, 4.5 restrooms, and a huge kitchen. It was the zenith of California life, with 20-foot roofs, a barbecuing region, and a delightful pool. Simultaneously, Navarro was currently selling one more house in Larchmont, which he had recorded for $1.695 million.

Dave Navarro Net Worth

Dave Navarro’s endeavors in music, acting, and presenting have undoubtedly paid off, as seen by his $20 million net worth. Despite being most known for his part in Jane’s Addiction, he has had an impact on a number of other bands, most notably Red Hot Chili Peppers, with whom he co-wrote an album. His extensive portfolio also includes Deconstruction and The Panic Channel. Not to mention his solo endeavor, in which he fully displayed his abilities.

Navarro has had a tremendous musical career in addition to being well-known in the television business, especially because of his work on “Ink Master.” Because of his talent at combining several genres to create entirely original music, he is regarded by many as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

As varied as his musical tastes are, so too are Navarro’s political opinions; he supports politicians from Tulsi Gabbard to Mitt Romney. He embraces a libertarian worldview that emphasizes human responsibility and personal freedom with pride.

Who is Dave Navarro’s fiancée now?

Vanessa DuBasso, a gifted American model and actress recognized for her parts in hit series like Modern Family, After We Collided, and Legion, is Dave Navarro’s current love. However, Vanessa was romantically involved with well-known singer and actor Samuel Larsen before to falling in love with Navarro.

On June 7, 2022, Vanessa gave her Instagram fans some exciting news. In a brief video, Sarah spoke about her happiness and love for Dave on his birthday while proudly displaying her engagement ring.

Vanessa expressed her love and thanks for her fiancé in a poignant post, revealing all of her sentiments. Thanking the heavens for sending Dave into her life and turning her into the happiest person alive, she was unable to suppress her delight. Fans can’t help but cheer for these two since it’s obvious that they are infatuated with one another.


  • Tania Goddard: Dave Navarro’s most essential life partner was Tania Goddard, a talented beauty care products expert known for her work with nauseating fear motion pictures, including the film “Wishcraft.”
  • Gittins, Rhian: In 1994, Navarro got hitched to Rhian Gittins, yet the marriage essentially a short period of time before it was vexed.
  • Carmen Electra: His most high-profile marriage was to performer and model Carmen Electra, persevering from 2003 to 2007.
  • Vanessa DuBasso: Dave Navarro’s ongoing life accomplice is Vanessa DuBasso, an American model and performer. In 2022, they participated.


Dave Navarro, the famous guitarist known for his work with groups like Jane’s Fixation and Intensely hot Stew Peppers, has had a turbulent heartfelt life set apart by numerous relationships and connections. His life partners incorporate cosmetics craftsman Tania Goddard, whom he wedded in 1990, Rhian Gittins in 1994, and entertainer Carmen Electra in 2003. As of now, he is locked in to Vanessa DuBasso.


Who is Dave Navarro’s current life partner?

Dave Navarro’s current life partner is Vanessa DuBasso, an American model and entertainer.

How often has Dave Navarro been hitched?

Dave Navarro has been hitched on various occasions, to Tania Goddard, Rhian Gittins, and Carmen Electra.

When did Dave Navarro get drawn in to Vanessa DuBasso?

Dave Navarro got drawn in to Vanessa DuBasso on June 7, 2022, as reported on her Instagram.

What is Dave Navarro’s relationship status now?

Dave Navarro is presently connected with to Vanessa DuBasso.

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