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Regrettably, it seems an inaccuracy has been provided. Rather than assuming the role of a thespian, Richard Rawlings is more prominently recognized as a distinguished entrepreneur. His preeminent identity manifests as the anchor of the “Fast N’ Loud” reality series on the Discovery Channel, inaugurated in 2012. Gas Monkey Garage, an automotive customization and restoration enterprise situated in Dallas, Texas, co-established by Rawlings, stands as a testament to his industrious pursuits. Despite his involvement in various cinematic endeavors concerning automobiles and entrepreneurial exploits, it’s his substantial contributions to the vehicular domain that have garnered him renown, eclipsing any accolades from thespian pursuits. Prior to this, Rawlings was wed to Karen K. Grames and Suzanne Marie Mergele

Richard Rawlings Net Worth

Amassing a substantial net worth estimated at $18 million, Richard Rawlings stands as a renowned artisan of American automobiles, a seasoned long-distance racer, astute entrepreneur, and a captivating television persona. Serving as the central figure in the unscripted television spectacle “Swift N’ Loud” and presiding over the esteemed Gas Money Garage, Rawlings has etched his presence into public consciousness. It is noteworthy that Rawlings also claims ownership of the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and the Gas Monkey Live concert venues, both anchored in Dallas, Texas.

Who is Richard Rawlings?

In the American auto industry, Richard Rawlings is a well-known celebrity who captivates viewers on television. He is a native of Fort Worth, Texas, and an enthusiast of cross-country racing.With an estimated net worth of $15 million, Rawlings’s foray into the automotive industry began in his early years.  Accompanying his father to car shows, he delved into the intricate art of car construction, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

At the tender age of 14, Rawlings embarked on a personal car acquisition journey, marking the inception of his individual automotive pursuits. However, his trajectory transcends the automotive domain, as Rawlings demonstrated remarkable versatility by assuming roles as a firefighter, paramedic, and police officer, all achieved before reaching the age of 21.

In the subsequent chapters of his diverse career, Rawlings transitioned to entrepreneurship, carving a niche as the proprietor and operator of his printing and advertising company. This evolution in his professional journey reflects Rawlings’ adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit, adding further layers to the narrative of this accomplished American personality.

Richard Rawlings Biography

Amidst the intricate tapestry of historical chronicles, Richard Rawlings, an eminent artisan hailing from the bustling urban expanse of Fort Worth, Texas, manifested his profound impact on the realm of entertainment. Born on the 30th of March in the year 1969, Rawlings’ imprint resonates on the cinematic canvas through opuses such as “Welcome to Happiness” (2015), the adrenaline-fueled “Fast N’ Loud” (2012), and the contemplative masterpiece “Shop Class” (2020). His complex personal life includes his marriages to Karen K. Grames and Suzanne Marie Mergele.  Rawlings’ journey is not just a timeline but a tapestry of experiences woven into the fabric of the entertainment industry.

Richard Rawlings Childhood

Amidst the temporal tapestry of March 30, 1969, emerged Richard Rawlings, drawing his inaugural breath in the vibrant enclave of Fort Worth, Texas. The nascent spark of automotive ardor found its inception in the symbiotic passion shared between Rawlings and his progenitor. During their early years, they traveled the automotive world, showing up at auto shows and learning about the handcrafted art of automobile building. His first vehicle was a green 1974 Mercury Comet that he purchased when he was fourteen years old.Before even reaching the legal driving age at 16, he engaged


NameRichard Rawlings
BirthplaceFort Worth, Texas
ProfessionTelevision Personality, Entrepreneur
Net Worth$15 million
Early Life– Accompanied father to car shows at a young age<br>- Developed interest in car construction
Career Milestones– Started individual car acquisition journey at 14<br>- Worked as firefighter, paramedic, police officer before 21
Entrepreneurship– Founded printing and advertising company

Richard Rawlings Education

In the pursuit of knowledge, Rawlings traversed the corridors of Eastern Hills High School, emerging victorious as a graduate. Post academia, he ventured into a diverse array of vocations, donning the roles of a guardian of the peace, a valiant firefighter, and a diligent paramedic.

Adding an intriguing familial layer to his narrative, Rawlings finds kinship with an elder sibling, Daphne Rawlings. Beyond the bonds of blood, she assumes a pivotal role in the business realm, taking charge of financial matters with a self-anointed moniker, ‘Money Chief.’

Body Measurements

Exhibiting a stature of 6 feet 1 inch, the television luminary boasts a trim and athletic physique, tipping the scales at approximately 86 kg. While veiling the specifics of his biceps, chest, and waist dimensions in a cloak of mystery, Rawlings adorns a pair of brown eyes that complement his salt-and-pepper hued mane.

In the tapestry of personal expressions, Rawlings etched a commemorative tattoo on his inner arm, an indelible mark celebrating the momentous occasion when he, alongside Dennis, shattered the Cannonball Run world record. The daring escapade, spanning from New York to Los Angeles, was conquered in a mere 31 hours and 59 minutes, immortalized in ink on Rawlings’ hands and arms.

Richard Rawlings Career

Following his stints as an officer, firefighter, and paramedic, Rawlings embarked on a new chapter by inaugurating Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas back in 2002. A strategic move saw him parting ways with the Lincoln Press printing plant in 2004, setting the stage for his automotive passion to unfold. The core of his business is the restoration of classic cars, which entails purchasing old cars and painstakingly bringing them back to life.

The popular Discovery Channel series “Fast N’ Loud,” which covered the fast-paced industry of auto repair, drastically altered Rawlings’ business model in 2012.He expanded his broadcast horizons by taking over ‘Garage Rehab’ on Discovery, an investigative show that explores the resuscitation of troubled auto modification shops.

Expanding beyond the realm of television, Rawlings etched his presence in the culinary landscape. In September 2013, Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill emerged in Northwest Dallas, followed by a counterpart at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in March 2014. In October 2014, Rawlings dabbled in live entertainment and opened Gas Monkey Live, a throbbing space filled with the sounds of live music.

Relentlessly overcoming obstacles, Rawlings returned to the restaurant industry in 2016, establishing Richard Rawlings’ Garage in Harker Heights, Texas. Unfortunately, the doors closed on this culinary adventure in March 2019.The same year witnessed Rawlings’ foray into the energy drink market, securing a Gas Monkey brand license for a distinctive line.

Embracing the role of an author, Rawlings penned his inaugural autobiography, ‘Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers,’ a literary testament to his multifaceted journey, hitting the shelves in May 2015.

Richard Rawlings Private Car Collection

Nurtured by a paternal bond steeped in automotive fervor, Rawlings’ affinity for cars burgeoned under the tutelage of his father, a frequent companion at vibrant car showcases. The genesis of his vehicular odyssey unfolded at the age of 14 when he proudly acquired his inaugural car, a Mercury Comet 74.

In the pursuit of his automotive aspirations, Rawlings treaded diverse professional avenues, immersing himself in roles as varied as law enforcement, firefighting, and paramedicine. His voracious appetite for diverse automobiles manifested before he even walked the stage for his high school graduation, having navigated the steering wheel of at least 20 different cars.

Highlighted on his official website, Rawlings harbors an aspirational pinnacle – a 1932 Ford Roadster, heralded as “the holy grail of hot rods.”

In the contemporary landscape, Rawlings’ eclectic car compendium boasts illustrious names such as the Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari, Ford Mustang, and a pristine Porsche hailing from the 1950s. Each vehicle in this symphony of horsepower reflects Rawlings’ enduring passion for the artistry of automotive excellence.

Richard Rawlings Personal Life

In the intricate tapestry of his personal life, Rawlings navigated the realm of matrimony with a complexity that unfolded in a series of unions and partings. The marriage count stands at three, not two, as he entered into marital bliss twice with the same woman, Suzanne Mergele. Their inaugural union took place in the neon-lit embrace of Las Vegas, Nevada, back in 1999. However, the symphony of their shared journey hit discordant notes, leading to a parting of ways in 2009.

Yet, love’s resilient tendrils found a way, and Rawlings and Mergele, after a period of estrangement, chose to rewrite their story. In 2015, against the scenic backdrop of Cabo, Mexico, they exchanged vows once more, seeking solace in the prospect of a renewed journey together. The plot thickened, however, as the sands of time witnessed a subsequent separation. In 2019, through the digital echoes of her Twitter account, Mergele announced the decision to part ways once again. The finality of their divorce remains shrouded in the veils of uncertainty.

Amidst the undulating waves of romantic tribulations, a new chapter unfurled on August 17, 2019. Rawlings took to his social media canvas, unveiling engagement photos with Katherina Deason, his girlfriend at the time. Deason, previously wedded to billionaire Darwin Deason, saw the conclusion of her marriage in the same year. Against the enchanting backdrop of the Be Tulum Resort in Quintana Roo, Mexico, Rawlings orchestrated a proposal, a testament to a fresh beginning adorned with sandy rose petals.

A preceding chapter in Rawlings’ romantic saga unfolded in 1993 when he exchanged vows with Karen K. Grames. However, the resonance of their love faltered, the marriage dissolving within the span of a single year, succumbing to the weight of irreconcilable issues.

Richard Rawlings Family Background

In the intricate dance of Rawlings’ romantic history, the initial chords were struck with Karen K. Grames, culminating in a marriage in 1993. However, the melodic harmony of their union faltered, leading to a poignant separation within a mere year of exchanging vows.

In the tapestry of time, a new love story blossomed, weaving its threads around Rawlings and Suzanne Marie Mergele. Their union, sanctified in the vibrant aura of Las Vegas, Nevada, unfolded in 1999. Yet, as destiny would have it, the wheels of love and passion set in motion also bore the weight of challenges.

In collaboration with his confidant Aaron Kaufman, Rawlings birthed the concept of Gas Monkey Garage, harboring aspirations to elevate it to the realm of reality television. As the gears of this venture began to turn, Richard found himself on a journey marked by frequent travels, a trajectory that cast shadows on the fabric of his relationship with Suzanne Marie Mergele.

Richard Rawlings Relationships Status

In the realm of American television, Richard finds solace in a joyous companionship with Katerina Deason, a social media personality boasting a substantial following of 38,400 on Instagram. The genesis of their love story unfolded in clandestine whispers, hidden from the public eye. However, the clandestine affair stepped into the spotlight on the 29th of June 2019, a revelation made amidst the filming of a Fast N’ Loud episode in the vibrant enclave of Deep Ellum, Dallas.

Following a few months of shared moments and silent vows, Richard embarked on a surprising chapter. Atop the terrace of Hotel Be Tulum in the picturesque setting of Tulum, Mexico, on the 17th of August 2019, he orchestrated a proposal that resonated with the harmonies of love. Katerina, in a moment etched in time, embraced the proposal with a resounding “Yes,” sealing their commitment.

A canvas of their shared journey unfolded on the 7th of November 2019 when Richard, through the canvas of Instagram, painted a celebration of Katerina’s birthday. Amidst the joyous occasion, the couple hinted at a forthcoming union, a testament to a love story evolving towards the sacred vows of marriage.

Richard Rawlings House

Richard Rawlings presently resides in Dallas, Texas, yet the veil shrouding the precise location of his abode remains intact. In the tapestry of speculation, a YouTube video emerged in February 2017, purporting Rawlings’ ownership of a sprawling residence within the confines of the Strong & Crossen subdivision in Dallas.

As per the details unfurled in the video narrative, the residence spans an expansive 4,000 square feet, commanding a substantial 1.4 acres. Within its architectural embrace, the abode boasts 4.5 bathrooms, offering both opulence and functionality. The video further asserts that Rawlings made this residential acquisition in 2015, navigating a transaction valued at $1.7 million. The canvas of amenities painted within the walls of this dwelling includes a resplendent swimming pool and a retreat-like cabana, adding layers of luxury to the narrative of Rawlings’ domestic haven.

Richard Rawlings Real Estate

In the heart of Dallas, Texas, Richard Rawlings calls a home his own. Constructed in the venerable year of 1960, this abode rests on a sprawling 1.46 acres, embodying a tapestry of features that beckon attention.

Comprising three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and an additional pair of half bathrooms, the residence seamlessly fuses modern comfort with a nod to mid-century aesthetics. A distinctive charm is woven into the fabric of the home, highlighted by a mid-century modern style bar boasting a retractable door. Multiple decks extend an invitation to outdoor sanctuaries, while a sunken bathtub adds a touch of indulgence within.

The narrative of tranquility deepens with the presence of a zen garden and an outside master bath, creating spaces where serenity finds its dwelling. Notably, a private lake graces the premises, adding a serene aquatic backdrop to the canvas of Rawlings’ daily life. Proximity aligns with convenience, as the Gas Monkey Garage, a bastion of his automotive endeavors, stands a mere four miles away from the embrace of his home.

Richard Rawlings Social Media

Richard Rawlings is a vibrant presence across various social media landscapes, generously sharing glimpses of his life through personal and verified accounts. Facebook enthusiasts can catch a digital ride with him via the handle @RRRawlings, where a robust community of over 3.1 million followers engages in the chronicles of his journey. The visual tapestry expands on Instagram, where his account @rrrawlings draws the gaze of 2.2 million followers, capturing the essence of his adventures in captivating visuals.

The realm of succinct thoughts and updates finds its haven on Twitter, where Rawlings can be found under the account @RRRawlings, commanding a following of 336.7k avid readers. Across these diverse platforms, a digital symphony unfolds, intertwining the charismatic personality of Richard Rawlings with the boundless enthusiasm of his virtual audience.

Social Media PlatformHandle


Net Worth Estimate: Richard Rawlings boasts a considerable net worth estimated at $18 million.

Versatile Persona: He is not only a television personality but also an accomplished entrepreneur, long-distance racer, and automotive artisan.

Television Stalwart: Richard Rawlings gained prominence as the central figure in the reality series “Fast N’ Loud” on the Discovery Channel, which debuted in 2012.

Gas Monkey Garage: Co-founder of Gas Monkey Garage, a renowned automotive customization and restoration enterprise located in Dallas, Texas.

Business Ventures: Beyond television, Rawlings extends his entrepreneurial reach to Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and Gas Monkey Live concert venues, both situated in Dallas, Texas.

Authorship: Richard Rawlings authored his first autobiography, ‘Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers,’ released in May 2015.


The piece explores the diverse facets of Richard Rawlings, casting him not merely as a thespian but as an entrepreneur and television icon. It traces his path, starting with the founding of Gas Monkey Garage, traversing through his pivotal role in “Fast N’ Loud,” and branching into various entrepreneurial endeavors. The narrative pivots around his net worth, a robust $18 million. Rawlings’ impact on the automotive realm, his ventures in the culinary domain, and his literary ventures weave together a narrative tapestry rich with achievements.


What is Richard Rawlings’ net worth?

Richard Rawlings’ net worth is estimated at $18 million.

What is Gas Monkey Garage?

Gas Monkey Garage is an automotive customization and restoration enterprise co-founded by Richard Rawlings in Dallas, Texas.

Apart from “Fast N’ Loud,” what other businesses is Richard Rawlings involved in?

Richard Rawlings owns Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill and Gas Monkey Live concert venues in Dallas, Texas.

When did Richard Rawlings publish his autobiography?

Richard Rawlings published his first autobiography, ‘Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers,’ in May 2015.

How did Richard Rawlings venture into the energy drink market?

In the same year, Richard Rawlings expanded his business by obtaining a Gas Monkey brand license for a line of energy drinks.

What is Richard Rawlings’ notable car collection?

Richard Rawlings’ car collection includes iconic vehicles such as the Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari, Ford Mustang, and a classic Porsche from the 1950s.

How active is Richard Rawlings on social media?

Richard Rawlings is actively engaged on social media platforms, with millions of followers on Facebook (@RRRawlings), Instagram (@rrrawlings), and Twitter (@RRRawlings).

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